Adacia Chambers: Photos of Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade Crash Driver

The Homecoming Parade for Oklahoma State University was interrupted by tragedy today as a car not connected with the parade smashed through a barricade and onto a corner, killing three and injuring dozens. The driver, 25-year-old Adacia Chambers, was arrested at the scene and charged with driving under the influence. She is currently booked at Payne County Jail. Police say Chambers first drove her silver sedan into a police motorcycle, and then continued up onto a curb, reportedly launching bystanders into the air. Within minutes of the crash, helicopters arrived to the scene, airlifting critically injured bystanders. All victims were taken to Stillwater Medical Center for Treatment. Victims' names have not been released at this time. Red Cross and National Guard members are at the scene, offering support and assistance. Oklahoma State will play their scheduled football game against Kansas, but the team will kneel in unison at the 20-yard line before kickoff to show their support. The Cowboys are currently ranked 14th in the nation. Chambers' intentions are unknown, but she is a native of Oologah, Oklahoma, about 100 miles from Stillwater. Above is Chambers' mugshot. Click through to see images of her from her Facebook page.

Learn more about Adacia Chambers here.

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