Amonderez Green: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Family members and witnesses say cops are lying about the “suicide” of an 18-year-old black man who died after a shootout with police in a neighboring town to Ferguson, Missouri. Police in Normandy, Missouri, say Amonderez Green ran away from police after shooting at them and then killed himself. But witnesses say Green was shot in the face by cops, with some claiming the teenager was unarmed.

You can watch a video of the incident above.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cops Say They Tried to Taser Green but the Device Had No Effect

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Normandy police were called to assist a “suicidal subject” on the afternoon of October 28 at the 5800 block of Bermuda Drive in the town. After cops reached Green, attempts to calm him failed, and the teen began to shoot at officers, who returned fire, according to the Normandy Police Department. An attempt to use a taser on Green failed, cops say. After that, the teenager fled the scene, cops say. The official line says that “out of sight,” Green committed suicide. In a statement, the Normandy Police Department said “it appears at this time that the male was not struck by law enforcement gunfire.”

KSDK’s Jacob Long reports that Normandy police officers don’t wear body cameras.

2. One Witness Said the ‘Whole Right Side of [Green’s] Face’ Was Gone

Numerous witnesses have come forward to dispute the official story from police. Speaking to the Huffington Post, an unnamed woman said she “heard approximately six gunshots ring out. I yelled and told my daughter to get down. He was right at eye level as [the officer] shot him. It was not a suicide. At all.” Another woman told the website, “While he was running, he turned around to face the police and that’s when he got shot in the face. I saw his body drop. They shot him in the face, his whole right side of his face was gone, his top lip was gone.”

3. Ferguson Police Officers Were on Scene at the Shooting



Police officers from the controversial Ferguson Police Department were on the scene where Green died. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that FPD Chief Andre Anderson refused to speculate on the exact role that his officers played at the scene. A spokesperson for the Normandy Police Department told St. Louis Public Radio that it was a Normandy cops who opened fire at the scene.

In August 2014, the Ferguson Police Department was thrust into the global spotlight when officer Darren Wilson shot unarmed teen Michael Brown dead in the town. It resulted in protests across the world and a complete reshaping of the department. Wilson was later found not guilty by several investigations but further studies showed inherent racism within the force.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 66 percent of Normandy is African-American.

4. Green’s Dad Said the Official Story Is a ‘Complete Lie’

In an Instagram video that was uploaded just after the shooting, Green’s father, Jermell Simpson, said, “I apologize for cussin’, but that’s the only damn son I got. When he started running, Ferguson [police] started shooting.” Simpson went on to blame the shooting on the Ferguson Police Department. “We even told Ferguson … we had everything under control,” Simpson said. In speaking to the Post-Dispatch, Simpson added that the official story was a “total lie.”

Green was a native of Lynn Meadows in Florissant, Missouri, reports CBS St. Louis.

5. Green Is Being Martyred on Twitter

As word of the shooting spread around Twitter, Green quickly became a martyr. Here are some of the most poignant:




The new story green was walking a group of orphans to church and the light changed while green was carrying a crippled orphan through the cross walk.
That when the police role up and started beating green with clubs.
He began begging for his life.
His mother walked up pushing a grocery cart full of food donations for the homeless, because they’re so poor they don’t own a car,
That when greens poor mother started begging for his life, but the police Macedonia her in the face and kicked her tooth out, then the priest came out with the children’s choir and started begging for greens life but the fire department pulled up and turned fire hoses on them and the orphans.
Then green laid down on the ground and stretched his arms out yelling I surrender while the cops kicked him and beat him with clubs that’s when the cops said you niggles all need to be taught a lesson and shot him in the face.
Green cried out why did you have to to kick me white police man, we are all brothers under the skin, look I bleed red too, I forgive you racist police officer. Why do we have to die for being black.
Then he died and a white light shined on his body and you could see as his soul was carried on wings of angels.


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Deborah Phillips

This is not a joke these parents just lost their child too gun violence from those redneck, KKK in Blue. This is ridiculous, another killing in Ferguson and you have the nerve to make a joke out of the situation. I truly hope that you enjoy life as it is now, when judgement day come I hope you can Joke about your behavior making fun of this young man’s life. Hell is waiting for you. Goodbye devil.

Phil Mckracken

Nobody is joking Deborah, this is exactly reflects the mentality of the negro tribe.

Reality check

After last time we learned the witnesses a bunch of lying trash.
Let them burn their town down.
Stop rebuilding it for them.

I like the first witness. He was shooting at the cops then ran away, when he turned back around they shot him in the face, that’s called a good shot.
We’re they supposed to let him shoot some more?
Nothing wrong with that account.
Not even a good lie, she thought the cops were supposed to just let him go?


Reality Check… God is uncovering your lies everyday there is no way possible that young man killed himself you ppl take pride in killing Black ppl I hope your children will never be faced with a situation like this. I forgot you’ll are privileged bt the List is coming out and all you Devils are going too be revealed. Those dumb a– cops time is up all he covers are being revealed on all you evil heartless uneducated piece of TRASH. Keep laughing we will see who laughs last, you can’t be a child of God too have so much hate that you find it funny, oh I forgot you ppl are ingorant and do what you do best Kill Steal and Destroy, I hope you can deal with what you dish out. Stay off this page your opinion does not count Trash.

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