Chris Harper Mercer’s Politics: What You Need to Know

Chris Harper-Mercer


The man suspected of killing multiple people at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, identified himself as a Conservative Republican on his dating profile at Spiritual Passions. The shooter has been named as Chris Harper Mercer, 26. On that site, Harper Mercer says that he is mixed-race. In a blog posting on Kick Ass Torrents in September, Harper Mercer wrote that he didn’t agree with Black Lives Matter protesters but that he thought police brutality was a problem in America.

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(Spiritual Passions)

Speaking to the Roseburg News Review, a witness said that Mercer asked students their religions before shooting them.

On that dating site, Harper-Mercer makes it clear that he hated organized religion but regarded himself as a spiritual person.

Despite identifying himself as a conservative, on his MySpace page, Harper-Mercer posted numerous photos of the Irish Republican Army’s provisional incarnation. That group was openly fighting for a socialist Irish republic, which would be at odds with Harper-Mercer’s conservative leanings.

Watch President Obama address Oregon shootingIn a news conference on Thursday, President Barack Obama addressed today's deadly mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon.2015-10-01T22:39:45Z

It’s been reported that Harper-Mercer used an AR-15 rifle during his attack on the college in Roseburg. That gun has become a symbol of the gun rights lobby’s struggle against what they deem persecution from the Obama administration. In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, President Obama was lauded for his passionate speech pleading for “sensible steps” to be taken to deal with the gun problem in America.

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