WATCH: Congressman Loses Bet, Sings ‘Meet the Mets’ on House Floor

Rep. Schiff Loses Dodgers-Mets Bet to Rep. Israel, Sings "Meet the Mets" on House FloorOn Friday, October 23, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), after losing a bet to Steve Israel (D-CA) on the Dodgers-Mets playoff series last week, paid up and sang the praises of the Mets of the House floor….literally….with "Meet the Mets!" At the end of his speech, Schiff begged, "Please, Mr. Speaker, let my time be expired!"2015-10-23T16:50:47Z

Representative Adam Schiff sang “Meet the Mets” on the House floor after losing a Dodgers-Mets sports bet to Representative Steve Israel. Schiff, a Democrat from California, begged for his time to be expired after finishing. This is probably the most entertaining moment seen on C-SPAN in years.

The two representatives had placed a bet last week on the series between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Mets won the series in five games, Yahoo News reported, and Schiff will also have to send gourmet popcorn from Pauline’s Premier Sweets to Israel. If Schiff had won, Israel would have had to fly fresh bagels from New York to Schiff, in addition to extolling the other team’s virtues on the House floor.

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