Dalone Jamison: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dalone Jamison Instagram post

Dalone Jamison posted this photo of him with murder victim Walikque Faussett just hours before her death. (Instagram)

A member of the New York rap group Dymes Or Us is accused of posting a photo of a birthday girl who was killed at a nightclub just hours before he was accused of shooting her.

The suspect in the crime is 26-year-old Bronx resident Dalone Jamison. He’s got a long rap sheet going back ten years. Early on the morning of October 12, young mother Walikque Faussett was gunned down outside of a bar in Manhattan’s Flatiron neighborhood. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead. Two other women, Lauren Renee Rondat and Deborah Raji, are in stable condition after being wounded during the attack.

Here’s what you need to know about the suspect in this crime:

1. He Paid Tribute to Faussett on Instagram Saying ‘Sleep in Peace’

Dalone Jamison Grace Faussett


On his Instagram page, where Jamison goes by @SmackDadyMe, he posted just hours after the shooting writing “Sleep in peace grace everybody got something to say that was my f- -king friend I would never do no dumb s- -t people make story’s and everybody run with it if u knw me u know I ain’t no dumb n- - -a…. I’m not hiding cuz I ain’t do s- -t I’m him and I’m always gonna be good.” Grace was Walikque Faussett’s nickname.

The New York Post reports that Jamison had been kicked out of the nightclub on the night of the shooting at the club, Motivo. The paper says he was kicked out for getting into a heated argument with a woman. It 20 minutes later when police say Jamison returned and began opening fire, before getting into his BMW and fleeing the scene.

2. The Victim’s Father Called Jamison a ‘Coward’

Jamison also posted this photo on the night of Fausett's murder. (Instagram)

Jamison also posted this photo on the night of Fausett’s murder. (Instagram)

Speaking to the New York Daily News, the victim, Walikque Faussett’s, father, Wally called Jamison “a coward.” He went on tell the paper that his daughter was mother to a three-year-old son named Alexander. In separate interview with the New York Post, Wally Faussett said “She was the perfect daughter. I just hope the police catch him before I do. If I know anything of him, any pictures, I’ll search for him myself because he should pay. A coward runs, shooting with a gun into a crowd.” According to her Facebook page, Faussett lived in the Bronx. Her brother, Prince, told CBS New York that his sister was out celebrating her birthday and was waiting for a cab when she was shot dead. She had just turned 24.

3. Jamison Posted a Photo of Himself Hanging Out With 50 Cent Just a Month Before the Shooting

Dalone Jamison 50 Cent Facebook

Jamison pictured with 50 Cent on Facebook.

According to his Facebook page, Jamison is active in New York City’s nightlife. On August 12, the partygoer posted a photo of himself with 50 Cent at The World of Sues stripclub in Mount Vernon, New York. On his Facebook wall, Jamison regularly posted about his late mother, on August 4 he said “I really wish my moms was here for half the shit I see goin on its so nasty smh all I can do is laugh.” Jamison is a father to a daughter.

4. In 2008, Jamison Was Found Guilty of Beating a Woman While Having His Friends Record the Attack

Dalone Jamison's Instagram photos


The suspect’s first arrest goes back to 2005, reports the New York Post. The paper details one of those arrests that happened in 2010 as “[Jamison] and three others were arrested for using box cutters to slash a man, who needed multiple stitches to his arms, hand and face.” He was picked up for the Faussett shooting originally on a warrant related 2014 disorderly conduct charge, reports the New York Daily News. The paper, quoting court documents in a 2008 assault that Jamison perpetrated on a woman, says that the suspect got his friends to record him attacking a woman. During that video, he’s quoted as saying “All I want to see is a good clean hook. I just want to record it. Oooh. Oooh. Oooh. Dymes R us city.” Despite his long criminal history, Jamison has never served time in prison.

5. His Alleged Gang Were Accused of Being Involved in a 2009 Shootout Outside of Yankee Stadium

Yuri Sucart, A-Rod's cousin, Yuri Sucart arrested, Yankee Stadium


In his Facebook page, Jamison writes “DYMES UP TILL MY TIMES UP.” The New York Post reported that Jamison is an alleged member of the gangster rap collected Dymes Or Us. Back in 2009, the Post reported that the gang got into an argument with another gang, the Jackson Avenue Gunnaz, the fight quickly became a shootout outside of Yankee stadium as fans streaming out following a game.

The New York Daily News named Dymes Or Us as one of the new generation of brutal Bronx gangs who were recruiting members as young as 8 years old.