Honeyfund Revisited on ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With CEO

In Season 6, Honeyfund debuted on Shark Tank with its free honeymoon registry. In Season 7, the company is being revisited by the show, so we caught up again with CEO Sara Margulis to see how they are growing. Here is what she told us about…

Their Appearance on October 9th’s Episode

Kevin invited Honeyfund along with Bottle Breacher and Wicked Good Cupcakes to help with a special wedding that he officiated. We each brought something special to the table for the bride and groom. Josh and I created a ‘surprise Honeyfund’ and the couple’s wedding guests gave the couple a Caribbean honeymoon.

Her Gig at the ‘Huffington Post’ & The Article She Wrote With Kevin In Mind

Writing for the HuffPost has been a huge honor for me personally. I enjoyed sharing my story about how I juggle being a mother and a busy entrepreneur. Despite my fears, Kevin is not unhappy; he’s still seeing great returns from Honeyfund and Plumfund! Look for more HuffPost articles from me, coming soon.

Plumfund, Their Crowdfunding Registry

Plumfund is growing fast! We’ve hired two engineers this month and we’re working on some great partnerships with major brands to drive awareness of Plumfund’s free crowdfunding solution! Details of these will emerge early next year.

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