Jill Biden, Joe’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden speaks on stage during the final day of the Democratic National Convention at Time Warner Cable Arena on September 6, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Getty)

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill Biden, Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly are among the speakers who will take the stage Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention.

Joe Biden announced in the fall that he would not seek the Democratic nomination as the family mourned the death of their son Beau, 46, who died in May 2015 after a battle with brain cancer.

In April, Biden reflected on the decision by her husband, Vice President Joe Biden, not to run for president.

“Well, you know, I say every day, I really do feel that Joe would’ve made a great president,” Biden told the Today show. “I think he has the character, I think that he’s a convener. I think that one of his strengths is compromise. And so I feel, you know, maybe America missed an opportunity. I don’t know. It just wasn’t the right time.”

Here is what you need to know about Dr. Jill Biden:

1.She’s The Only Second Lady to Have a Paid Job

jill biden, second lady

Jill Biden smiles during the medal ceremony on Day Four of Invictus Games at Olympic Park on September 14, 2014 in London, England. (Getty)

Dr. Biden teaches English full-time at Northern Virginia Community College and says some of her students don’t even know she is the second lady. She asks them to call her “Dr.B.”

In an interview with Capitol File Magazine she said, “When we were elected I said to Joe, ‘You know, I have to continue teaching,’ and he said, ‘Of course.'”

Biden’s an advocate for community colleges and traveled across the country as part of the “Community College to Career” campaign in 2012. She also was involved in the Heads Up movement to make community college free.

“I think she is unique,” Joel Goldstein, a professor at St. Louis University School of Law and an expert on the vice presidency told the L.A. times. Other second ladies wrote or did philanthropic work.

“But I think Dr. Biden is the first . . . to basically continue in the regular workforce,” Goldstein told the publication.

Biden has two masters degrees and Vice President Joe Biden joked on the campaign trail numerous times about his wife’s high educational achievements back in 2008.

“Why don’t you go out and get a doctorate and make us some real money?” he kiddingly said he told her.

In 2007, Biden earned a doctorate in education, from the University of Delaware.

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Her Instagram post above reads:

“It’s important that you give your family, your friends and your classmates a heads up to join the movement to make two years of community college free. Because education is the key to America’s future.” —Dr. Biden at Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan. #FreeCommunityCollege #HeadsUpAmerica

2.Jill and Joe Have Been Married for 39 Years

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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden dance during the Comander-in-Chief’s Inaugural Ball at the Walter Washington Convention Center January 21, 2013 in Washington, DC. (Getty)

Jill and Joe’s relationship began on a blind date in 1975.

They married in 1977, just five years after Biden lost his first wife, Neilia Hunter and daughter Naomi Biden in a car accident.

“I think this lifestyle it too tough not to really stick together. People say ‘everybody cheats in Washington,’ and that’s just not the truth. You have to have a strong marriage to survive it,” the second lady told Good Morning America.

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3.She Wrote a Children’s Book, ‘Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops’

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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden arrive with family for a mass of Christian burial at St. Anthony of Padua Church for their son, former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, on June 6, 2015 in Wilmington, Delaware. U.S. (Getyy)

Biden knows firsthand the challenges that come in a military family. Her son, Beau was in the Delaware Army National guard and served in Iraq. Her other son, Hunter, also served in the Navy.

Her family’s experience prompted Biden to write the book, book, which is told from the point-of-view of a child. Beau’s daughter, Natalie was Biden’s inspiration for the story, which was released in 2012.

During Biden’s book reading at The Library of Congress, she said:

“I thought other American families need to know what it’s like for families when their moms or dads or family members are deployed. So Natalie was my inspiration for the book, so it’s her story.”

Biden discussed how hard it was for Natalie, and her brother Hunter to cope with their father’s deployment.

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4.She Traveled to Asia in 2015 to Promote Women’s Education

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Jill Biden learns about a specially stitched hat at the Temple of Literature, in Hanoi, Vietnam from the First Lady of Vietnam (Instagram)

Biden went on a week-long trip to Asia last summer. She visited a monastery, orphanage, and e-commerce company, as well as several temples in Korea, Japan and Vietnam. She was there to promote economic empowerment and educational opportunity for women and girls, according to her Instagram.

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Dr. Biden stops by a classroom at an orphanage in Vietnam to visit with students.

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“I know how hard you work. Thank you for what you do.” –Dr. Biden at an English language teachers workshop in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

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Dr. Biden sat down for tea with female monks at the 1,000 year-old Jinkwansa Temple in the Republic of Korea.

5.She Started the Biden Breast Health Initiative

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Jill Biden cheers on competitors at the Velodrome at Queen Elizabeth park on September 13, 2014 in London, England. The International sports event is for wounded warriors. Getty)

In 1993, Biden started Biden Breast Health Initiative in Delaware while her husband was senator of the state to provide breast health awareness programs to all schools, groups and organizations in the state.

The mission statement reads, “to empower young women through awareness and education to assume responsibility for their overall well-being with a strong emphasis on breast health.”

According to her White House bio, Biden began the initiative after four of her friends were diagnosed with breast cancer. The program has helped to educate 10,000 high school girls about early detection.