Julie Leach: All the Photos You Need to See

Julie Leach from Three Rivers, Michigan, has been announced as the winner of the $310 million Powerball draw. See pictures of the new millionaire here.



Jane Muthoni

Some one sent me a request to add her to my LinkedIn network. She introduced herself as Julie Leach. I accepted her request on 11/10/2015. Three days later, she told me she had won a lump sum of $320 million and wanted to help me and said she would give me $500000. I have sent her an email yesterday evening to explain to me how she came to know about me but she has not responded. Might it be the fraudsters who are taking advantage of other people to con innocent people pretending to women. Am a victim of these fraudsters. Please help me to find out fromJulie Leach if she’s the one who requested me to add her in my LinkedIn network.


I got the same message too, on the same day through LinkedIn. I have the same questions you do. My husband told me it is a fraud and to delete the email. I just want to know if it was really from her and she really intends to help other people like myself.

Grace Wilfred Percy

I got the same message from Julie today and is it true please???


Hello Sorry this is a cry for help if meddle But we are a family Italian Desperate know you can tell us that we care, are unemployed are six months that do not work and and now we have nothing to make him take to school in a even a little snack from the can to take to school we beseech you ask it with heart in hand, we have many things to pay rent arrears of house bills all set we wonder if Mrs. julie we could help to uscierne out of this slippery hole that we can not get out of that and so kind to help us out if we have two girls who go to school and do not know how to do that here in Italy nobody gives us a hand, and I would not want this made the news we see The Great God Who cia open a hope, who knows we see that loves children and that year the whole family to and a Big Heart And as go go .always God Bless To all of you also perhaps one day will come the smile on their faces of my daughters once again that God bless you I will send our coordinates are these IT29N0760114300001025275627 BPPIITRRXXX The last thing If I just say God and What We Find This In fact news then I will open their heart and help us go as things go We admire that you are a nice family

Boni Jules

well, if this is real, lets play ball to help unfortunate children in the world with God’s Love, Amen.

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