Northern Arizona University Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Northern Arizona university shooting

One student is dead and four others were injured in a shooting at Northern Arizona University. (Facebook)

One student is dead and three others were injured after a shooting on the campus of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, the school says.

The suspected gunman is in custody, the university said. The first call of shots fired came in at 1:20 a.m. Friday. He has been named as 18-year-old Steven Jones, a freshman at the school.

Colin Brough was killed in the shooting, officials say. Nicholas Prato, Kyle Zientek and Nicholas Piring were wounded in the shooting.

The three wounded victims are being treated at Flagstaff Medical Center, the university said. The university said on Twitter that the situation has been stabilized and the suspected shooter is in custody. The school is not on lockdown, and classes are scheduled as normal. The Northern Arizona University Police Department and the Flagstaff Police Department are investigating at the scene.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. The Shooting Happened Outside Mountain View Hall

Northern Arizona shooting

The shooting occurred in Mountain VIew Hall. (Northern Arizona University)

The university said the shooting “took place outside Mountain View Hall on the northeast end of the Flagstaff Campus.”

According to the Northern Arizona website, Mountain View Hall is a dorm:

The majority of NAU Greek students are housed in Mountain View Hall, a 574 bed suite-style living facility that encompasses 18 of the 23 social Greek organizations on campus. Chapters unite under one roof to better the Greek community as a whole and work together to accomplish a shared vision. Mountain View’s central location and proximity to the Health and Learning Center are benefits enjoyed by residents.

According to fire department radio transmissions, emergency responders arrived to find CPR in progress on one of the victims.

2. The Victims Are Members of the Delta Chi Fraternity

Colin Brough NAU Shooting Victim Funeral

Colin Brough (LinkedIn)

Colin Brough was a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity, according to his LinkedIn profile. He was a business major at the university. Students quickly began to show their support for the fraternity after the shooting happened, and it later confirmed in a statement that members were involved.

Several students have mourned the loss of Brough on Twitter:

3. The Shooting Happened During an Early Morning Fight

The shooting happened after a fight between two groups of students, ABC News reports.

Northern Arizona University Police Chief Greg Fowler said, “several of our students, two separate student groups got into a confrontation.” When police arrived, the alleged gunman, Steven Jones, was taken into custody without incident.

4. More Than 20,000 Students Attend School at the Flagstaff Campus

Northern Arizona University flagstaff shooting

Northern Arizona University. (Facebook)

According to KTRK-TV, there are more than 20,000 student at the Flagstaff campus of Northern Arizona University.

Northern Arizona, founded in 1899, is a public university with 27,000 students across its campuses, including the main Flagstaff campus. The school also has 36 satellite campuses across the state.

5. The Shooting Comes a Week After a Gunman Killed 9 People at an Oregon Community College

A Tribute to Oregon Shooting Victim


The shooting comes eight days after a 26-year-old gunman killed nine people and then turned the gun on himself at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

A shooting was reported later Friday on the campus of Texas Southern University, the second on-campus shooting of the day:


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I am mother of freeman boy, very, very scary, what happens today 10/9/15 in NAU and other school, college, make to think that any security never is enough, we came to college from every where,with different styles of life and think, we do not who’s around you, but I always tell my son after midnight in the street you not getting any good thing, nothing good is happening later at night. The Administration of NAU need to take one step more to enforce security in campus anything to prevent other tragedies. I am very sad with the family you lose.

Germany Ash

THESE FRATERNITIES HAVE BEEN JUMPING and HARASSING People on and Off NAU campus all along — NOW THEY ARE TRYING TO TWIST THIS STORY IN THE MEDIA LIKE IT WAS A LOAN GUN MAN… – “ITS REALLY SAD…THAT NAU DOESN’T WANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE FACT THAT MANY OF THEIR FACULTY (mostly White) SUPPORT THAT TYPE OF HARASSMENT ON CAMPUS — PARTICULARLY OF RACIAL MINORITIES.. ON CAMPUS, OUT IN THE COMMUNITY OF FLAGSTAFF, AND IN SIDE THE CLASSROOM. THIS WAS ONE OF MANY ALTERCATIONS ON NAU CAMPUS THAT BARELY MADE THE NEWS…. THE Delta Chi fraternity OBVIOUSLY TRIED TO ATTACK THIS KID AND THEY GOT SHOT……. FRATERNITIES ARE RACISTS ENTITIES MOST OF THE FRAT KIDS ARE WHITE…THAT’S HOW THEY GOT ADMITTED TO THOSE FRATS…. YOU HAVE TO BE WHITE…”””TO GET IN AT NAU””” — The NAU “”People”” i.e. the Well-to-do White People employed at NAU… Like in the surrounding Flagstaff Community – have an unwritten rule where they only hire Local White People from Flagstaff and Maybe one or two Asians. Those hired are mostly racists Gun Slinging hill billies from the local area. The White Community in Flagstaff practices this type of discrimination to limit the number of racial Minorities that move into Flagstaff i.e. if they can’t pay they can’t stay. The local white businesses like the money these colored students bring into Flag they just don’t want these colored people living in Flag – easiest way is to not hire them or retain them over the long term. There are Whole White Families – everybody and their grandma working at businesses all over town and at NAU. Then the Flagstaff White Local Families have a group of hill billies driving trucks & SUV’s, chasing colored people around town using cell phones and GPS trackers, they place on people’s cars. The Flagstaff Police (primarily local whites due to hiring practices) are constantly harassing Non-white People in Flag. No Wonder someone got shot — Not surprising… it’s probably a Local Flagstaff Meth Head hill billies type whose Mother works at NAU or CCC… So much Nepotism and racism here in Flag town. Flagstaff has one of the lowest level of diversity well below the national average – that’s why NAU puts up signs & bill boards pictures of racial minorities to make it look more “”Diverse”” while they hire & retain nothing but under qualified White Folks. The hiring & retention practices at NAU, local Flag Community and the City of Flagstaff tells a different Story. They are Hiring & retaining local Whites and Firing & putting out Non-whites. Now The White Fortress in the desert had a tragedy…hmmm. Well When you create THAT TYPE OF ENVIRONMENT ON CAMPUS AND AROUND TOWN…. someone’s liable to get hurt…sooner or later.. Every Hill billy is flagstaff is carrying a gun. Arizona is a Red State… What did you expect?? SB1070.. ? Sheriff Arpeggio? Anti-Immigration…. White Racism in Flagstaff, Arizona…. Everybody is not good here. etc.


Do you think anyone really cares to hear your “white devil” twist of this story. You’re an idiot. I went to school for 4 years here and it is one of the most diverse college campus I’ve ever been to… black, native american, asian, mexican, and white. No need to turn this into a race thing because it wasn’t. Your version is half the problem with this world.

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