Roominate After ‘Shark Tank’ Deal With Mark: Interview With Founders

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Roominate entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 with their wired building toy designed especially for girls. The show will revisit the company on October 16 to see how they’ve grown after striking a deal with Mark. Since the show, they’ve entered over 5,000 retail locations internationally, in the US, Canada and Australia. They can also be found in places like Amazon, Walmart, Toys R Us and Barnes & Noble. Heavy interviewed founders Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen before the episode aired. Here is what they told us about…

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How Sales Have Increased

Brooks: We’re thrilled with the increase in sales after Shark Tank; they’ve allowed us to expand our product offerings and increase production to be available in more markets.

Mark’s Mentorship

Chen: Mark has been fantastic to partner with. We recently attended the Women in Toys Empowerment Day event at the Toy Industry Association’s annual Dallas Fall Toy Preview, where Mark gave the keynote speech and sat with us for a panel Q&A. It was so great to have him there to support us and our mission of encouraging girls to become interested in STEM.

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Interesting Designs From Young Inventors

Brooks: In addition to the Dallas Mavericks stadium that Mark’s daughters created, we’ve seen some really creative stuff. Anything from a rock stage concert, a pretend vacuum with a working motor, to a car wash – the Roominators certainly know how to get imaginative!

Prepping for the Holidays

Chen: We’ve been extremely busy preparing, especially as our new products launched last month just in time for the holiday season. From turning our prototypes into real products, to coordinating production and manufacturing, it’s been a demanding process to get everything ready in time. We are so excited to see how girls will react to the new items.

New Products

Brooks: We just launched several new building kits including a device called rPower, which allows girls to program and control their Roominate creations from a phone or tablet through our new Roominate app. The new products are rolling onto store shelves now.

Advice for ‘Tank’ Contestants

Brooks: The best piece of advice we can share is to do your research. Before we went on the show, Bettina and I had watched tons of episodes, taking note of what type of questions the Sharks typically ask. We knew they wouldn’t hold back from asking us any tough questions, so we practiced and practiced to make sure we were comfortable giving our answers.

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