Two Guys Bow Tie on ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Co-Owner



Two Guys Bow Tie entered the Shark Tank on October 9th. Heavy interviewed co-owner Tim Paslay, who entered the Tank with co-owner Adam Teague. Here is what he told us about…

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How the Idea Came About

Before we started this company, I worked as a prop/set designer builder and so one night when I was working late in the shop, I had the idea. I had a wedding coming up so I decided to make one and see what people thought. It was a hit and so I pitched the idea to Adam and he turned the idea into a business.

Making the 1st Prototype

This was really where our partnership paid off. I have a tendency to slowly develop an idea to make sure I get it exactly how I like it, but Adam said that if he was going to do this, we needed to test this during the upcoming holiday shopping season. I came to him with the idea in October and with a ton of hard work we had our site up and shipping product by the end of November.

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How the Ties Are Created

We use a combination of digital fabrication, old school craftsmanship and hand finishing to create our products. The high tech tools allow us to maintain an extremely high level of precision and the attention to detail during the hand sanding ensures we are proud of everything that goes out the door. We use a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods as well as some reclaimed lumber for some specialty ties.

Their Customer Demographic Including Celebs

The majority of people who where our bow ties are guys, 18-35, but when we started the company we were surprised to find out that about 40 percent of our buyers are females who are buying gifts. Our bow ties have been worn on stage at the MTV Movie Awards, during press conferences of NBA and NFL games, on The Tonight show, and even during weddings featured in People Magazine.

Their ‘Tank’ Appearance

People had been telling us for years that we should go for it, but the timing never worked out. Adam got a text from a friend that they were doing an open casting in Oklahoma City. We didn’t have any schedule conflicts, so we felt like we should give it a shot so we could say we had….After your walk into the Tank they have you wait for about 30 seconds to get cameras set, but it feels like an hour. That’s when the nerves were just wreaking havoc. Once we made it through our pitch and handed out the samples we got comfortable and settled in.

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