Did Roseburg Oregon Shooter Post About Shooting on 4Chan?


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that entire site needs to be shut down. everyone on that site is a bitter nerd who hates the world

as is evident from this thread and the people cheering him on, pathetic.


Yeah, no. Because of a few sick fucks stand out on top doesn’t mean the entire site is bad. Besides, these kind of posts happen often. I reaaaaally doubt those that where cheering him on thought it was real.

Professional Victim

I agree absolutely 100%. I would like to continue spreading this message, but unfortunately I am unable to link my Patreon here

Chaim Sheckelstein

Yeah and killers have posted their manifestos on Facebook. Guess we need to get rid of that too. SHUT IT DOWN.


lol angry virgins living at home with mommy and daddy getting mad about my post

proving my point


Creepy nerds would meet elsewhere. That doesn’t solve anything. If the professors were lock and loaded, lives could’ve been saved.


the anonymous aspect makes it worse too. People feel that they can say anything on there without consequences. It can’t be compared to FB because there is less of annonymous aspect to FB.

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