How to Watch Bob Ross ‘Joy of Painting’ Marathon Live Stream Online

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Bob Ross had a painting show on PBS fro 11 years. Although he has passed away, his show still remains popular. (Twitter)

If you are looking for a way to relax this weekend, you can listen to the soothing voice of Bob Ross as he paints. In honor of Ross’ 73rd birthday this past Thursday, Twitch decided to live stream all 403 episodes of his former PBS show The Joy of Painting . Known for his “happy trees” and “easy foothills,” users can enjoy the artist’s work during back-to-back episodes until November 6. The show aired for 11 years from January 1983 to May 1994 and now, Twitch, usually popular among the gaming community, is bringing you this live stream for a few days. This live stream marathon is also part of Twitch’s launch of their new creative category for the artist community.

Here’s how to watch the marathon:

How to Watch the Live Stream

You can watch the free live stream from Twitch here. You don’t need to log in and you can turn off the chat on the side of the stream by clicking the the small gray arrow at the top left corner of the chat.

Some Words of Wisdom from Ross

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