Will, Hayes & Nash Grier: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Will, Hayes and Nash Grier are three famous brothers in the fields of entertainment, sports and social media. While some members of the trio are excelling at their careers, others may be having obstacles to overcome. Check out the details on their latest projects as well as hiccups.

1. Football Quarterback Will Has Been Suspended For Drugs


Will Grier is a quarterback for the Florida gators and he must undergo an automatic one-year suspension for testing positive for PED (performance enhancement drugs). According to ESPN, this violates the NCAA rules. Grier is a college freshman who has thrown for 10 touchdowns, three interceptions and 1,204 yards thus far as part of the team.

2. Hayes Is Currently Competing on Dancing With the Stars

Hayes Grier is just 15 years old, but he’s one of the contestants to beat on season 21 of Dancing With the Stars. His pro partner is Emma Slater and Hayes has been receiving rave reviews from the judges on the show as well as viewers at home.

3. Nash Rose to Fame Via His Vine Videos

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Nash Grier has gained millions of followers and subscribers online via his Instagram, YouTube and Vine accounts. He is most know for his Vine videos.

4. It Was Nash Who Helped Propel Hayes to Stardom

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Hayes Grier began appearing in some of his older brother Nash’s Vine videos and started to become a success. As a result, he branched off on his own and started creating his own Vines. Now he has millions of followers and subscribers online, just like his Vine star brother Nash.

5. The Three Brothers Were Raised In the South

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Nash, Hayes, and Will grew up in Davidson, North Carolina and they have a much younger sister as well. On Dancing With the Stars, Hayes opened up about the close relationship he has with his mother. He was in tears, as was she.

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