DOCUMENTS: ‘Clock Kid’ Ahmed Mohamed’s Family Demands $15 Million From Irving, Texas

Ahmed Mohamed lawsuit

Ahmed Mohamed’s family is demanding $15 million from the city of Irving and its school district. (Getty)

Lawyers for the family of “Clock Kid” Ahmed Mohamed are demanding $15 million from the city and school district of Irving, Texas, in order to avoid a lawsuit.

Ahmed, 14, was arrested in September and suspended from school after his teacher thought his homemade clock looked like a bomb, and reported it to the school administration. He was interrogated for more than an hour and eventually led out of the school in handcuffs. The arrest immediately drew national outrage, especially on social media, with even President Obama weighing in, tweeting an invite to the White House to the teen. The charges were later dropped.

But Ahmed’s family’s attorneys say city and school district officials worked to smear Ahmed in the days after the arrest. They are asking for $10 million from the city and $5 million from the school district.

City and school district officials have not commented on the letters, but the lawsuit was expected, the Dallas Morning News reports.

The letters from attorney Kelly Hollingsworth of Laney & Bollinger were sent Monday.

You can read the letter to the city below:

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You can read the lawyer’s letter to the Irving school district here:

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