Bataclan Theatre Terror Attack: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bataclan theatre

Police officers of the armed response unit man a position close to the Bataclan theatre. (Getty)

Officials say 89 people were killed and many more were injured in an assault on the Bataclan theater Friday night in Paris.

The famous concert hall in the center of Paris was filled as an American rock band, Eagles of Death Metal, played there Friday night.

Witnesses said the attackers entered the theater at about 10:40 p.m. Paris time. They used guns and grenades to kill concertgoers. Hundreds were then taken hostage before police stormed the building. The gunmen were wearing explosive devices and blew themselves up when police closed in, authorities said.

Bombings and shootings occurred at other locations around the city, including at the national soccer stadium and two restaurants. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. At least 129 people were killed and 99 were critically injured across the city.

A video shows dozens of concertgoers spilling into the streets as gunfire can be heard. Watch it here.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Attackers Are Said to Have Shouted ‘This Is for Syria’ Before the Attacks

At least three gunmen were killed during the police raid on the concert hall, but it’s not clear if there were other attackers involved.

According to Fox News, the gunmen shouted, “This is for Syria,” before opening fire.

France began air strikes on Syria in late September.

2. Hostages Were Sending Messages Through Social Media During the Attack

An injured man is evacuated on a stretcher near the Bataclan concert hall. (Getty)

An injured man is evacuated on a stretcher near the Bataclan concert hall. (Getty)

Some of the survivors were sending pleas for help through social media.

Benjamin Cazenoves made two posts to Facebook, including one in which he stated people were being killed “one by one.” In his post, he describes that he is hurt, and that there are still survivors inside the Bataclan. In a loose translation, he goes on to say, “They are slaughtering everyone. One by one.” About 20 minutes later, Cazenoves posted again informing his friends and family of his safety.

The moments of the attack were described as chaos.

“Several armed men came into the concert. Two or three men, not wearing masks, came in with what looked like Kalashnikovs and fired blindly on the crowd,” Europe 1 journalist Julien Pierce told the BBC.

“It lasted between 10 and 15 minutes. It was extremely violent and there was panic. The attackers had enough time to reload at least three times. They were very young.”

Graphic video shows the moments after the attack:

A British man living near the Bataclan live tweeted the moments after the shooting and the rescue of the hostages:

3. The Eagles of Death Metal Band Says They Are Waiting for Word on Its Members

Rescue workers evacuate an injured person near the Bataclan concert hall. (Getty)

Rescue workers evacuate an injured person near the Bataclan concert hall. (Getty)

Eagles of Death Metal is an American band that was founded by Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes. Josh Homme is also a member of Queens of the Stone Age. The current members are Josh Homme, Jesse Hughes, Dave Catching, Matt McJunkins, and Julian Dorio. The band was formed in 1998. Homme rarely plays at shows because he has commitments to other bands. Despite their name, Eagles of Death Metal is not a death metal band, but rather is a rock band.

Representatives for the band say that Josh Homme was not performing at the concert in Paris, Billboard reported. It has also been reported that the other band members are also safe, according to the mother of the drummer. They were outside of the venue when the shooting started, The Washington Post reported.

However, on the Eagles of Death Metal Facebook page, an official post stated that they were still trying to determine the safety and location of band members and crew.

4. The Bataclan Concert Hall Opened in 1865

Policemen patrol the streets during gunfire near the Bataclan concert hall. (Getty)

Policemen patrol the streets during gunfire near the Bataclan concert hall. (Getty)

The Bataclan concert hall opened in 1865 and was renovated in 2006.

It is located at 50 Boulevard Voltaire in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

The building was designed by architect Charles Duval and refers to Ba-Ta-Clan, an opera by Offenbach, and is also a wordplay on the express le tout bataclan, or the whole caboodle.”

5. The Theater Is Near the Charlie Hebdo Offices

A riot police officer stands by an ambulance near the Bataclan concert hall in central Paris, on November 13, 2015. A number of people were killed and others injured in a series of gun attacks across Paris, as well as explosions outside the national stadium where France was hosting Germany.   AFP PHOTO / DOMINIQUE FAGET        (Photo credit should read DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

A riot police officer stands by an ambulance near the Bataclan concert hall. (Getty)

The theater is located near the Charlie Hebdo offices, the site of a terror attack in January. It is about a seven minute walk between the two buildings.

The Charlie Hebdo attack, which was the result of anger over cartoons drawn by the newspaper depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

The gunmen in that attack were from the Al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen.




Obviously a CIA/French false flag operation. Expect all social media to be cut now in France, already the borders were sealed in France (except for trains and planes). That is because the French government is behind this….expect a French version of the US Patriot Act by monday. This problem can only be solved by allowing the French citizens to have guns and ammo. So, when such an event starts, the French people can quickly fight back. But, alas, that is not the agenda of the French government: it is to maximize terror in the nation to push through totalianarian measures of loss of all French rights. The French citizens are just gutless, leading themselves to death.


I said back in January there would be more false flags to come, isis (cia patsies) would strike countries that begin to fall out of usa s grasp. They first opposed russian sanctions, so you had charlie hebdo, now frances support for le pen and nationalists has created an opertion gladio 2.0. Ill say it again, theres more to come , and germany could be next. Any state that acts independent of washingtons agenda will be struck with chaos and state emergencys. its a known admitted fact the cia has done this many times before , so why is it hard to believe they wouldnt do it again? You think they care ? They dont!


Just another stupid fuck who sees conspiracy in everything…..Because the rest of us are, you know, sheep and all…..


French citizens should have guns and ammo. Any free nation should have an armed citizenry. You are not free without arms.

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