#BrusselsLockdown: The Tweets You Need to Read

brussels lockdown

One person on Twitter shared this with the caption: “In the event of a fire, do not stop to take a selfie. #BrusselsLockdown.” (Twitter/Christina Otero)

During police raids in Brussels today, law enforcement asked the public not to tweet about what was happening, for fear of tipping off the terrorists. So Belgians obliged and, instead, tweeted cat photos. During the raids, at least six to 15 terrorists were taken into custody. However, the lockdown in Brussels has been extended and schools will be closed tomorrow.

These are the cat tweets you need to read:

Cats Won’t Let the Terrorists Win

Some people used their cat tweets to show they weren’t going to let the terrorists scare them and kittens will, ultimately, win the day:

Favorite Memes and Puns Were Also Shared

Others used the opportunity to share favorite cat memes and absolutely purrrfect cat puns:

Everyone’s Taking This Opportunity to Support Belgians

Still other people on Twitter used the hashtag to share their support of Belgians and their enjoyment of the cat trend:

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