Col. Eric Henderson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

(Screengrab via The Denver Channel)

(Screengrab via The Denver Channel)

A retired U.S. Army colonel is accused of killing a Colorado state trooper in a hit-and-run on the night of November 15. That former serviceman is Col. Eric P. Henderson, 52, who retired in June 2013. He’s being held on a $1 million bond.

This is a breaking story so stay tuned for updates.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. He’s Been Accused of Being Drunk Behind the Wheel

Colorado State Police line the streets in honor of their fallen colleague. (Twitter)

Colorado State Police line the streets in honor of their fallen colleague. (Twitter)

The Denver Channel reports that Henderson was booked into Douglas County Jail early on the morning of November 16. He’s being charged with vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of a deadly accident, DUI and careless driving causing death. He will appear in court on November 17.

2. State Trooper Jaimie Jursevics Is Survived by Her Husband & Infant Child

The state trooper, Jaimie Jursevics, was killed while she was investigating the scene of an accident south of Denver, close to the town of Castle Rock, reports the Denver Post. According to a tweet from the Colorado Department of Transportation, the incident happened along I25, which was reopened at around 5:30 a.m. on November 16. The Denver Channel reports that Jursevics is survived by her husband and infant son. The Denver Post says that the trooper was mourned outside of her barracks in Castle Rock with officers lined up outside while a coroner’s procession carried her away.

3. Earlier This Year, He Took on a Major Energy Company in a Legal Fight

(Screengrab via KRDO)

(Screengrab via KRDO)

He lives with his wife, Jean, along Skalla Ranch Road in Peyton, Colorado, according to online records. Their land is used as a farm. In March 2015, the couple were involved in a civil action lawsuit along with their neighbors to prevent a wind farm from being built close to their land, reported KRDO at the time. Henderson told the station “We want to be good neighbors. We didn’t instigate this fight or this conflict but we won’t shy from it either.” Meanwhile, Jean Henderson said “We have saved up our money over the course of our career to retire in a beautiful community and that’s not going to happen. I just really think that dream is going to be crushed.”

4. He Was a ‘Pioneer’ in the Field of Missile Protection

Col. Eric Henderson US Army shooting

(US Army)

Col. Henderson worked in the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command where he was chief of the Operations Division, according to the U.S. Army’s website. Upon his June 2013 retirement, Col. Henderson was awarded the Legion of Merit award. Retired Army Brig. Gen. Kurt S. Story said at his retirement ceremony “Henderson is the type of person that people want to follow. A leader has a responsibility to the group, and Eric never loses sight of that. A leader has a responsibility to himself, and Eric doesn’t ever lose sight of that. A leader has a responsibility to the community — in this case the larger Army enterprise — our nation. Eric never lost sight of that. And lastly a leader has an obligation to ethics and morality — to our code, and Eric never lost sight of that. Eric is a great American. I’m proud of him, and proud to have served with him.”

5. He’s the President of a Colorado Horse Club

(U.S. Army)

(U.S. Army)

Since leaving the army, Henderson has worked for Military contractor Colorado Professional Services. According to his profile on their website, he works in the role of program manager. He’s referred to as a “pioneer in the military applications of Space and Missile Defense for the US Army, the Joint Community, and our nation’s allies.” He’s also the president at The Mountain and Plains Appaloosa Horse club.




There is NO SUCH THING AS AN ACCIDENT, right? That’s why the United States has more people in jails and prisons per capita than EVERY other country on the earth, including Communist Countries. All of those people who want to throw out hateful comments toward Eric, do not even know him. But, we see here the STUPIDITY of people who do not have all the facts…..and they are the same kind of people who VOTE – and just look what scum they have voted into office to run this country into the ground. Eric Henderson is a very, very fine man and is kind and compassionate to every person. I have many questions about what happened the other night. I’ll bet that my questions will go answered by the LEGAL AUTHORITIES.


I guess he just wasn’t feeling like being a “very, very fine man and is kind and compassionate to every person” except for the young woman, with a family, he just killed and tried to run away from. Brave upstanding guy you’re supporting their Highland. By the way, …….Your an idiot.


No, you’re an idiot. See how that works. If you were perfect, then I would be an idiot for calling you one. It was a tragic incident, of which you were apparently there and know that he deliberately “ran away from”. You’re a typical public product that speaks out of their ass without knowing all the facts. Highland was only speaking to the character of the man. But, since you know Henderson better than I do, maybe you’re right… find another hobby moron.

She broke protocol, 2 weeks on the job for field duty. (Her training officer should be reprimanded) Her car with dome lights flashing was in the far right lane. Henderson, properly moved into the left lane, under CO law, and naturally looked to his right to see what the incident was about as he passed. The Trooper was standing in the middle of the left lane when struck…a tragedy. There is dash cam video of this. Henderson never saw her and later pulled over after his home exit to see if he,d struck an animal. The I killed a cop! statement, leaked to the press by another here say a Trooper was his honest and shocked response. No DUI evidence was ever proven. If it was you would have seen the reports, “Over the legal limit” in the press and TV. There are witnesses who claimed other vehicles hit the Trooper as well.

Henderson served with distinction for over 20 years and in combat command roles since 9/11. If this went to a bench trial, he would have never been convicted. He chose to spare both families the anguish of a trial…The press coverage of this incident was sensational and the District Attorney was grandstanding. There are extenuating circumstances that should be considered by the Judge in sentencing as to why the plea was agreed to.


6. He was always drinking at work.
7. He has been drunk driving for years….


That’s a stretch. He is a good man, and would take the shirt of his back for anyone, including yourself, regardless of the ignorant comments you choose to make.

Rafael Venegas

ignorant comments????? I served for 9 years and was told repeatedly not to DRINK AND DRIVE by higher ranking officials like him and guess who was always getting dui’s? the higher ranking officers and enlisted personnel. He should be treated the same as others, HE DID NOT LEAD BY EXAMPLE, NOR KEEP HIS PROMISE TO BE A LEADER THAT HAS AN OBLIGATION TO “ETHICS” AND “MORALITY”


He is being treated like others. He is not in the military. And those were ignorant comments. When did you serve under him? How many times prior to this incident , did you witness him driving drunk or “drinking at work’? I hear the general problem you’re complaining about, but it is out of context regarding my remark. If you can’t answer the first two questions, then your opinion does not matter.


It should not matter who he was or what he did prior to the date in question. A person driving drunk, hits a human being and drives away! That is who he was when he killed her. Talk about ignorance.

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