Jason Van Dyke Photos: Pictures of Chicago Cop in Laquan McDonald Shooting Case


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I hope he got what he deserve, and i also hope he ‘s gona have a lot of trouble inside the jall, i wish i was inside in the jall with him for give him a lesson. and people that take his side doesnt know how the life goes.


Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke probably has PTSD after enduring the black gang warfare in south Chicago and being a target of blacks for so long. I believe that he is innocent of this crime by reason of temporary insanity (PTSD stress). Then, I would give this cop a medal for his valor. Good luck, Officer.


Misguided blacks usually call their offspring babies – until they reach the age of 40. By then their baby has been falsely acused of at least 20 crimes!


I pray that God blesses you with half African American Grandchildren. So your ignorant self can get a glimpse of the lives of Black Americans, that is if a Woman is dumb enough the procreate with you. Im sure your a very lonley poor excuse of a person that hates your own life, while walking throughout this very diverse Country. I my eyes he is an American Terrorist, and should be treated as such.


Your most likely a god loving repeblican. It was murder, no other excuse. If your ptsd stands, then there’s thousands of vets that should be released today in American prisons. The land of the free, except of all the humans in prison around the world, 25% are from the land of the free. Your pathetic country is eating itself from the inside.

Farrow Charlie Walter

Allen, I heard that one loud and clear… and some are so blind in self indulgence… they cant even see… that this kind of thinking and behavior hurts us all… as a Country… Some people constantly look through tented racial lenses… Double standers by some of our counties beloved Christians… it U see a white guy with a legal fire arm on his side… he’ks called a patriotic 2nd amendment citizen… U see a black guy with a legal fire arm in his side… he’s called a thug… the right to protest in America is just That… a Right… when U see a Black Lives Matter protest going on… U see a rainbow of people… not just blacks… because they’er all American citizens, who see we have a common problem with police burtality and the killing of young mostly unarmed or none threatening blk males… with no police accountability, it seems at all… And they want to collectively, make a change for the common good of all…. But people like Sarah Palin, our once Vice Presidential Candidate for the the highest office in Our land… call and consider these citizen of the USA none people… Sarah Palin Calls Black Lives Matter Protesters ‘Thugs’ And ‘Rioters’… Her words”: ‘These are thugs’: & Sarah Palin demands media quit calling Black Lives Matter protesters ‘people’ … Sad Sad state of being here…


U are a racist Pig, and probably belong to the KKK. You uneducated low life, just like ur boy Van Dick!
Van Dick will get what he deserves soon enough, rather it be in jail or on the streets. The same Evil that benefited to his rasist actions will be the same Evil that will eat him alive and leave him for Dead.


your ass is innocent, did you see the video ass hole?? your medal put in your fat ass.son of a bitch.

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