Malcolm London, Malcom London arrested

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The Black Caucus in Chicago, Rev.Jesse Jackson Sr. and other so called “black leaders” are demanding changes in the States Attorneys office and the Chicago Police Dept. I guess we can start with a black states attorney and a black police supt.That always worked for us. How about a black mayor? How about giving the white police officers only, slingshots! That way when a black thug points his 30plus shot tech-9 at a white police officer, that dead officers star can be encased with the hundreds of others who were killed in the line of duty trying to protect the ghetto rats of chicago. Most of these officers were executed by who else? If you guessed niggers you are right!
Chicago doesn’t have a “white caucus”because that term has been deemed racist! Let’s get back to the black caucus who is made up of black politicos. Some have criminal records. We’re blessed with Bobby Rush who was a high ranking member of the Black Panther Party that spread hate against whites in the 60’s and 70’s and all cops were called pigs. Their goal was to kill all pigs.
Then we have the rev.Jesse Jackson Sr. His son was the congressman who went to prison after pissing away $750.000.00 of unauthorized money.Like father like son. The congressmans wife who was a Chicago Alderman just reported to prison for stealing money from taxpayers. We all remember when Jesse Sr. was heard on open microphone telling another shine that “someome should cut that niggers nuts off.” Off course we all know the nigger he was referring to was Obama! Jesse Sr.has been known to have affairs with white women. What a pillar of the community! Probably the biggest asshole of all these activists is the white catholic priest who thinks he’s a nigger,Michael Pfleger. He was being interviewed tuesday night by Fox news as he had his right arm raised and fist clinched while the crowd chanted Black Power! That faggot has thumbed his nose at the late Cardinal Francis George and the catholic Archdiocese for years. He spent last weekend sucking Spike Lees dick after Lee used his character in his movie Chiraq. What a bunch of morons these black leaders are. Must be their fucked up gene pool. They’ve polorized this city for years! Black leaders of these protests vowed to shut this city down on black friday.I guess they think that day was named for them. I imagine there might be some looting later tomorrow night. After all it’s the Christmas season. Why pay for it when you can steal it.
Back in the late sixties Chicago hosted the Democratic convention at the Conrad Hilton hotel in downtown Chicago. Well we all know what happened. While the police were trying to control the rioters in Grant Park, the shines were busy looting stores. That’s when the late mayor Richard J.Daley ordered the police to shoot to kill anyone seen looting. Works for me!

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