Melodie Gliniewicz: Photos of Charles Gliniewicz’s Wife

The wife and son are under investigation in the death and corruption of Lieutenant Charles “Joe” Gliniewicz. He died of a gunshot wound on September 1 in Fox Lake, Illinois, after radioing that he was pursuing three suspects. After a prolonged investigation, it was announced on November 4 that his death had been a well thought out suicide to hide a litany of money laundering that he was involved in.

His wife, Melodie, and son DJ, along with his other children, released a statement upon hearing of the investigation's finding. It read "Today has been another day of deep sorrow for the Gliniewicz family. The family has cooperated with the Task Force's investigation and will not comment at this time. The Gliniewicz family requests that their privacy be respected as they continue to cope with the loss of the beloved husband and father."

The exact role that Melodie and DJ are thought to to have played in the corruption isn't clear. In announcing that Charles had committed suicide, Lake County Major Crimes Task Force Commander George Filenko said "With those partners, our investigation strongly indicates criminal activity on the part of at least two other individuals." He also said that investigators believed that Charles took his own life because his theft from a Fort Lake, Illinois, education program was about to be revealed.

Here are the images of Lt. Gliniewicz's wife that you need to see: