PHOTOS: 4 ‘ISIS Operatives’ Still at Large After Paris Attacks


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Bargain bin

I’ll use the above shitpost as a soap box for an unrelated topic now.

Will India ever get rid of those phone scammer shitters?

Everyday I keep getting a call from a “Joe Smith” from “Microsoft/Microtech in Washington”

I know hanging up and not wasting time is the best course to deal with this, but why must the shenanigans be allowed to continue since they can still fool and leech off people not savvy with tech or other shit they pretend to be.

Bargain bin

Also @the guy in the Facebook comment section. Hosanna Mughal. If that actually is you behind that post and not a spam algorithm, please stop shoving that shit on this website. It’s already bombarded enough with asinine cut’n’paste bullshit shortened URL scams in the SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT section on both the WordPress and Facebook comment blocks

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