PHOTOS: 4 ‘ISIS Operatives’ Still at Large After Paris Attacks

Salah Abdeslam

Abdeslam, 26, participated in the Paris terrorist attacks that killed at least 129 people at several locations across Paris, including the Bataclan theater, the national soccer stadium, and outside of restaurants. Abdeslam is from France but was living in Belgium during the attacks. Abdeslam was questioned by police and released in the hours after the attacks, the Associated Press reports. Police pulled over a car near the Belgian border along with three other people. They checked his ID and let him go. Police had already determined Abdeslam had rented one of the cars abandoned at the scene of the attacks when he was stopped. Abdeslam’s brother, Ibrahim, who was also living in Beligum, is believed to have died while carrying out the attacks, the New York Times reports. Police said several of the eight suspects detonated suicide vests. A third brother, who has not been named, was taken into custody in Brussels.

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