Paris Attackers ID’d: Names & Bios of Alleged ISIS Terrorists

Bataclan theatre

Police officers of the armed response unit man a position close to the Bataclan theatre. (Getty)

Four of the eight suspected Paris attackers have been identified by authorities in France.

They have been named as Omar Ismail Mostefai, Bilal Hadfi, Ibrahim Abdeslam and Salah Abdeslam. Salah, who is the brother of Ibrahim Abdeslam, is believed to have survived the attacks and fled to a French suburb. A manhunt is on for him. The seven other attackers blew themselves up with suicide vests.

Police have detained several people in both France and Belgium in connection with the investigation. Some are family members of the suspects, including a third Abdeslam brother and Mostefai’s brother and parents.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which the Associated Press reports were planned in Raqqa, Syria, the Islamic State’s stronghold. Sources told the Ap the attackers trained for the operation in Raqqa and then met with a sleeper cell in France after the training. At least 24 people were involved in the operation, the sources said. Several of the assailants, including Hadfi and the Abdeslam brothers, were living in Belgium, police say. Two of the cars used were rented there.

Hadfi is known to have fought with the Islamic State in Syria, the Washington Post reports.

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