Paris Terror Attacks Photos: Scenes of 11/13 Horror & Mayhem

Unprecedented attacks rocked Paris today, as borders are closed and hundreds are dead. Terrorists used explosives and assault rifles to attack innocent civilians at a restaurant, a concert venue, and outside France’s primary soccer stadium.

The first attack occurred at 9:30 p.m. Paris time, when a shootout occurred between gunmen and police outside a restaurant.

The second attack was at the Bataclan, a historic venue that was holding an Eagles of Death Metal concert. Masked gunmen entered with assault rifles and began killing concertgoers, and the death toll has been estimated at over 100 people inside the venue alone.

The third attack was outside Stade de France, the national soccer stadium of France. At least two explosions were heard outside the stadium, close enough that they could be heard during the broadcast of the France-Germany match. After the match, there was no entrance or exit from Stade de France for several hours.

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