Shakoor Arline & Lisa Smith: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Shakoor Arline Facebook page

Shakoor Arline pictured on his Facebook page.

Cops in Philadelphia believe that the two people shot dead inside of a car while they were having sex were killed by somebody they knew in a “crime of passion.” The two victims, Shakoor Arline, 25, and Lisa Smith, 32, were in relationships with other people at the time of their deaths early on the morning of November 6, according to police.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. In Total, 9 Shots Were Fired Into the Car Where Arline & Smith Were Having Sex

The bodies of Arline and Smith were found inside of a car in Fairmount Park by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department employees. CBS Philadelphia reports that the vehicle was then towed to the city morgue. According to Homicide Captain James Clark, “someone opened the rear door and fired nine times, shooting both multiple times in the head.” He added at the the investigation will be focused on the couple’s partners.

“So obviously that’s where our investigation is going to start, because somebody knew that they were in the park at that time and obviously had an issue with that,” Clark said.

No arrests have been made yet in the case. Investigators think the shooting occurred some time between midnight and 5 a.m. Clark confirmed that officers don’t think it was a robbery as nothing was taken from the scene.

Fox Philadelphia reports that Fairmount Park is “frequented by lovers.” CBS Philadelphia reports that Smith and Arline were in “various states of undress.” Cops think that the murderer followed Smith from her home, about a half-a-mile from where she was killed, to the park, reports

2. They Were in an ‘On-Off’ Relationship

Both Smith and Arline were in relationships. The two had met at a job a few years previous, reports the Associated Press. Since then they had maintained an “on-and-off” relationship.

3. Arline Was a ‘Loving Human Being,’ According to His Grandmother

The scene of the shooting. (Screengrab via CBS Philadelphia)

The scene of the shooting. (Screengrab via CBS Philadelphia)

Arline was “a wonderful person who was a giving, loving human being,” according to an interview that his aunt, Carla, gave to She then took aim at his killer saying “That person has left behind a little sister who looked up to him, a void that she will never, ever get rid of.” Arline is survived by his 17-year-old sister, Taylor.

4. Lisa Smith Leaves Behind 5 Kids

Lisa Smith Shooting

Lisa Smith pictured on CBS Philadelphia.

The same report indicates that Smith was a mother of five. She was a native of Arizona but grew up in Philadelphia. Her mother, who is sick, still lives in Arizona and Smith’s car has Arizona tags. A friend told the website that Smith regularly traveled to the state to visit her mother. Fox Philadelphia reports that police are seeking to speak with a man she was in a relationship with.

5. Arline Had Been in a Relationship Since June 30

Shakoor Arline Facebook page


According to his Facebook page, Arline worked for UPS and since June 30, he’s been in a relationship. reports that cops have interviewed her and she’s not viewed as a suspect. He says he’s a native of Philadelphia from neighborhood of Fairmount where he lived with his grandmother and younger brother, Justin. His grandmother said he left his job at UPS and was working as a mechanic.