Tornado Levels Halliburton Plant in Pampa, Texas: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

tornado pampa texas

A massive tornado leveled a Halliburton plant in Pampa, Texas, causing a chemical spill. (Google Maps)

A massive, mile-wide tornado leveled a Halliburton plant in Pampa, Texas. No one was inside, but the damage caused a chemical spill and gas leaks. Hazmat is responding.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Halliburton Plant Was Completely Leveled

The Halliburton plant was completely leveled by a massive tornado in Pampa, Texas. No one was inside the building when it was leveled by the tornado, RT reported. However, there were cars parked outside and at least one of them was flipped over by the tornado. Here’s a view from Highway 70 about two minutes after the tornado touched down:

2. The Destruction Caused a Huge Chemical Spill And Hazmat Is Responding

The destruction caused a huge chemical spill and gas leaks, Fox San Antonio reported. Hazmat is responding and containing the leaks, RT reported. At first, there was concern that there may have been a leak of radioactive materials, but officials are saying this did not happen. You can see more of the damage in these photos:

3. Additional Tornado Damage is Being Reported in Other Parts of the City

The plant isn’t the only damage from the storm. Reports of damaged houses and cars in other parts of the city are coming in. Power lines were also brought down by the storm. You can see just how powerful the storm was from these radar images below:

4. Tornadoes Have Been Reported in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska

Tornadoes are being spotted across the nation, in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, The Weather Channel reported.

5. Tornadoes Could Still Post a Threat Tonight

This isn’t the end of tonight’s tornado scare. Meteorologists warn that tornadoes could still pose a threat as the storms march on. A tornado watch is in effect for southwestern Texas until 2 a.m. CST and for parts of northwestern Texas, western and central Oklahoma, and southwestern and central Kansas until 3 a.m., The Weather Channel reported.

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