UFO or Trident Missile Over California? The Pictures You Need to See

A bright light streaked over the night sky in southern California, causing surprised residents to wonder if aliens were landing or if their lives were just about to end. The light was described by many as starting out bright red and then growing to include a long white tail and ending in a blueish hue. On social media, theories ranged from a mysterious NASA project to aliens to the Russians bombing us, even top-secret conspiracy theories. The U.S. Navy eventually announced that this was a Trident II unarmed missile launch, testing the system from a submarine out in the ocean. But not everyone is convinced by this theory and some think it's just a coverup because the launch wasn't announced in advance. Meanwhile, the Navy has said that they typically don't announce these types of tests early because they are top secret. What do you think? Click through the gallery to see more photos taken during the launch and read more about the theories. (Instagram/griff2877)

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