WATCH: Woman Steals From Child in Black Friday Video

There have already been a lot of crazy fights and mayhem for Black Friday (watch all the videos here.) But this one takes the cake. As the doors to Walmart open, tons of customers stream inside and knock over a carefully stacked box of veggie steamers.

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(YouTube/BlackFriday Fight)

Next, you can see a mom and her daughter walking in the background, carrying several veggie steamers that they’ve managed to acquire. But it doesn’t last long.

black friday, #blackfriday


A woman in a red coat comes in and snatches the veggie steamer out of the child’s hands. But the mom isn’t about to take this lying down.

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She fights back and won’t let go. The woman in the red coat yells out something that sounds like, “Why are you being so aggressive? You’re scaring me!”



Not everyone thinks this particular video is real, however. They say that because the mom and her kid already had the steamers while everyone was knocking down the boxes, the video appears to be staged. What do you think? Is it real or not?

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