Dude Wipes After ‘Shark Tank’ Deal With Mark: Interview With Co-Founder

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Dude Wipes entered the Shark Tank earlier this season with their wipes made especially for men’s hygienic needs. At that time, we interviewed co-founder Ryan Meegan about the origins of the company. As their episode re-airs on December 18, we caught up with him again to see how the company has grown since clinching a deal with Mark. Here is what else he told us about…
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How His Business Has Grown Since the ‘Tank’

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We were on a nice growth trajectory for the year already but since the show, things have skyrocketed to a new level. We have seen growth across all sales channels and we couldn’t be happier. As for brick-and-mortar retail, the customers we already had we saw big spikes with and they have committed to picking up more SKUs for next year. Also, we have gotten into new mass retailers since the show that we were not talking to pre-airing. We are excited to continue our growth.

Mark’s Mentorship

Mark and his team have been great. He is very engaged and we keep in contact on at least a weekly basis. He loves to be kept in the loop to keep a pulse on our progress and to lend a hand wherever he can. He and his team are always available to us and that has been a great feeling to know we have that support behind us.

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Advice for Future ‘Tank’ Contestants

I would say the main thing is to just be confident in yourself and your company. We have always been very confident in our brand, so we knew that if we went into the Tank and were just ourselves, that the Sharks were going to like us and we would get some offers. Also, remember you are going to pitch your company that you know more about than anyone. So just be yourself and pitch the company you know like the back of your hand and you’ll end up doing great.

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