Fire at Dubai Hotel: The Videos You Need to See

A massive fire broke out at a luxury 63-story hotel in Dubai. These videos catch the sheer enormity of the fire. In this video, you can see the fire reaching almost to the top of the hotel:

A person nearby was livestreaming the fire on Periscope. You can watch the stream at this link. In the livestream, you can see just how close the fire is to the world’s tallest building. The building is being evacuated and so far, officials are saying that no one has been injured, RT reported. The fire engulfed nearly 20 stories and was near the location of the New Year’s Eve fireworks. Officials are saying that the New Year’s Eve festivities will still go on.

In this video, you can see the hotel’s location in the midst of a very busy area full of high traffic and people:

According to ABC News, the fire started on the 20th floor. The entire hotel was evacuated and firefighters have controlled about 90percent of the fire so far. So far the cause of the fire isn’t known. This next video shows a closeup of the fire:

Sky News was showing this livestream of the fire here:

This video shows another angle of the fire and the smoke as it spread from the massive flames:

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. Fourteen minor injuries were reported and one moderate injury. Another person suffered a heart attack from the smoke and overcrowding, USA Today reported. Al Jazeera reported that the left side of the hotel was completely gone.

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