How to Get Free Rides on New Year’s Eve if You’ve Been Drinking

free rides on NYE

Some transportation services, like taxis, Uber, or Lyft, may offer discounts and even free rides on New Year’s Eve. (Getty)

There’s no reason to drink and drive on New Year’s Eve. Many transportation companies are offering free rides to help keep people safe on the roads. Here are a few options that you can use.

AAA Tipsy Tow

AAA in many regions is going above and beyond by offering not only free rides, but also a free tow of your car back home. They call this “Tipsy Tow” and it usually runs through the early morning hours of New Year’s Day. Just call 1-800-AAA-HELP and ask for the Tipsy Tow. The tow is typically done within a 15 mile radius. Tipsy Tow is being offered in parts of California, Nevada, Utah, Texas, New Mexico, Hawaii, Alabama, Northwest Ohio, Shawnee County/Topeka Kansas, and parts of South Dakota, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Tidewater, Virginia, and parts of Alaska. Just call the toll free number to find out if it’s being offered in your particular city.

Uber Codes

If you’re a new Uber user, the following codes may be able to get you a free ride tonight. The code uberFREENEWYEARS (may or may not need the “uber” part first) will give new users a free ride of up to $15. The code RIDEIN30 may give new users a free ride worth up to $30. On RetailMeNot, the following codes are also listed as possibly giving free rides to new users: FirstRide18 (for $18 off a ride), First3Rides5 (for $5 off your first three rides with Uber) and FirstRide15 (for $15 off your first ride). According to RideShare, the code “Fly” or “RideShare” may also get you a free ride worth up to $20 on Uber.  Note that these discount codes can be cancelled by Uber at any time.

Lyft Codes

If you prefer using Lyft to Uber, the following codes may be useful. Note that Lyft may change or cancel these codes at any time. LyftMeNot10X5 can get you $5 off your first 10 rides (provided by RetailMeNot.) One commenter said that Lyft gives everyone these credits when you first download the app, so you may not need the code if you’re a new user.  According to RideShare, you may also be able to use the code “Gem” or “Glow” to get a free ride on Lyft.

Location Specific Codes and Offers

These are just a few region-specific codes and free services being offered on New Year’s Eve. If your region isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean there isn’t an option for you. Just Google “free New Year’s Eve rides” and your city to see. You might also consider checking your local personal injury attorney’s websites. An attorney in Indianapolis, for example, is offering vouchers for free rides.

If you live in Richmond, Napoleon Taxi is offering free rides home on New Year’s Eve. All you have to do is call 354-TAXI and ask for the “Sober Ride Home.”

In Austin, Texas, Capital Metro is offering free rides on its MetroBus and MetroRail starting at 6 pm.

In Houston, Texas, the Metro is offering free bus and train rides from 6 p.m. through 6 a.m. However, the services will still follow their normal schedules, so not everything will actually be available until 6 am.

In Omaha’s Douglas and Sarpy Counties, Safe Ride Home is offering free cab rides. Call Happy Cab at 402-292-2222 and ask for the “Hauptman, O’Brien Safe Ride Home.”

In New Jersey, Uber has offered a coupon code of FirstRideNJ1 to get $15 off your first ride with Uber.

In Dallas/Fort Worth, for a possible $10 off your first 5 Lyft rides, visit this link on RetailMeNot.

In San Jose, California, for a possible $10 off your for 10 Lyft rides, visit this link on RetailMeNot and scroll down the page. Note that only 40 percent of people have ranked this coupon as successful.

In Fort Collins, Colorado, discounted (but not free) services include Trunk Drivers — who will drive your car home for you.

In Portland, Oregon you can get free transportation via TriMet starting at 8 pm. The MAX service will run until 3 a.m.

All these codes and services are subject to change, so check with the provider to make sure they are still available.

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