Martin Shkreli Court Documents: Indictment Charges Him With Fraud

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Shkreli is led from a federal building after his arrest on fraud charges. (Getty)

A 29-page indictment charges notorious Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli with seven counts, including conspiracy to commit securities fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and securities fraud.

The 32-year-old Brooklyn man is accused of three related schemes involving a hedge fund, MSMB Capital, and a drug company, Retrophin Inc., both founded by Shkreli.

He was arrested by FBI agents on Thursday. According to Reuters, he was led from the Murray Hill Tower Apartments in Manhattan. Evan Greebel, a New York lawyer, was also arrested Thursday and is accused of conspiring with Shkreli in the scheme, Bloomberg reports.

Read the indictment below:

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Shkreli is also being sued for $65 million by Retrophin, Forbes reports. He has called the accusations were “preposterous.”

Read Retrophin’s claims against Shkreli below:

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Retrophin said in a statement to Bloomberg that it has “fully cooperated with the government investigations into Mr. Shkreli.” The company said he was removed as CEO “because of serious concerns about his conduct.”

Shkreli and his attorneys have not commented.

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