Mary Palmer-Correa: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mary Palmer Correa, Mary Palmer-Correa, Mary Palmer-Correa Milwaukie oregon

Mary Palmer-Correa. (Milwaukie Police Department)

An Oregon woman has been arrested after police say she forced her 9-year-old daughter to steal packages from outside of homes while she waited in her car.

Mary Palmer-Correa, 49, of Oregon City, was arrested on December 3, the Milwaukie Police Department said Monday.

The thefts occurred in the Milwaukie-Clackamas County area, police say. Several items were recovered at Palmer-Correa’s home, according to police.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Witness Took a Photo of Correa’s Car During After One of the Thefts, Police Say

(Milwaukie Police)

(Milwaukie Police)

Milwaukie Police say they began investigating Palmer-Correa after a witness saw her at the scene of one of the thefts. A package was taken from outside a Milwaukie home on December 2 soon after it was delivered, police said.

“The witness, who called police, was able to get a photo of the suspect vehicle, using a cellphone, and gave a suspect description,” police said in a press release.

Investigators tracked down Palmer-Correa at her home in Oregon City a day later.

2. Police Are Looking for People Who Had Their Items Stolen

Mary Palmer Correa, Mary Palmer-Correa, Mary Palmer-Correa Milwaukie oregon

Items stolen from residents of Milwaukie, Oregon. (Milwaukie Police Department)

Police released a photo of some of the items allegedly taken by Palmer-Correa and her daughter. Other packages have already been returned to their items, police said.

“Police still need help locating/identifying other victims. Some of the items recovered are; Miscellaneous books, cups, pillows, light set, TV wall mount. At this time it is believed the thefts occurred in the Milwaukie-Clackamas County area,” police said. “If you feel you are a victim please contact Detective Cereghino with Milwaukie Police. 503.786.7476. (Please reference case #15-5338.)”

3. Palmer-Correa Was Booked at the County Jail & the Investigation Is Still Ongoing

Clackamas County Jail. (Google Maps)

Clackamas County Jail. (Google Maps)

Palmer-Correa was booked at the Clackamas County Jail. She was charged with second-degree theft.

Police said the investigation is still ongoing. It’s not yet known if she will face further charges.

4. Commenters Called Her a ‘Poor Excuse for a Mother’ on the Police Department’s Facebook Page

Mary Palmer Correa 3

Palmer-Correa was attacked on the Milwaukie Police Department’s Facebook page by several people after they posted a press release about the arrest. The post received more than 200 comments.

“Please send this child to a decent home where she will learn how to be a decent human being and keep that “mom” locked up and away from her for at least 9 years or more!,” Karla Stamps wrote.

“I will never understand someone stealing another person’s things, but to drag your child into it and teach them it’s acceptable is pathetic,” said Kimberly Flis.

“What a sick parent! She didn’t have the guts to do the crime herself so she has her child do it. For shame on you!,” wrote Julie Viles.

She did have at least one person come to her defense.

“Ya know I do not know this woman or any of the details of what living in her shoes looks or feels like, but come on everybody, you all sound like total idiots by bashing this woman so harshly. Stop being such judgemental ridiculous morons. She’s obviously got her own deamons to face and none of you people are qualified to judge anyone,” Vic Brown wrote.

5. Police Reminded People to Take Protect Their ‘Delivered Valuables’ During the Holiday Season

A UPS driver inventories and organizes his packages  in the back of his delivery truck  November 17, 2015, in Washington, DC.  (Getty)

A UPS driver inventories and organizes his packages in the back of his delivery truck November 17, 2015, in Washington, DC. (Getty)

Police warned about an annual rise in package thefts during the holiday season. The Milwaukie Police offered tips for protecting “delivered valuables,” by having “the package dropped off at UPS, Fed-Ex or another delivery service where you can pick them up at your convenience. Have the packages shipped to your office, or a neighbor’s or relative’s home, who will be available when the delivery is made.”