Trunkster Enters ‘Shark Tank’ With $2 Million in Presales: Interview With Owners

Trunkster entered the Shark Tank in Season 7 with their state-of-the-art luggage. We interviewed owners Jesse Potash and Gaston Blanchet about their innovative creation that has no zippers, can charge your phone and weigh itself. When asked what makes their luggage unique, they said, “Trunkster is the only suitcase in the world that features a sliding door to quickly access its contents even standing or in tight spaces like the back of a cab. It’s the most innovative design since wheels were added to the original trunks to create rolling luggage.” Here’s what else they told us about…

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How the Idea Came About

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We had been living and working out of our suitcases for over two years around the world and became intimately aware with the frustrations of existing luggage. It began as a fun side project to try to come up with our dream luggage and snowballed into an idea that really took off after our Kickstarter success.

How Much Research Went Into It

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Quite a bit. We believe this is the first-ever roll-top luggage, so we had to start from scratch. Over the course of a year we hired several industrial designers and engineers to figure out the best way to manufacture a suitcase that could be strong enough to have moving parts while remaining light enough for practical use.

Experience With Kickstarter

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Our campaign on Kickstarter was a wild ride from the start. In just two hours we doubled our campaign goal of $50,000 and in 60 days became the most crowdfunded travel campaign ever at that time, raising just under $1.4 million.

If They Were Nervous in the ‘Tank’

More nervous than we care to admit! We hope we kept it together for the episode but frankly we remember few details from the meeting with the Sharks, which lasted over an hour but felt like just a few minutes.



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