When Is the Sixth Republican Debate?

sixth republican debate

When is the next, sixth Republican debate? (Getty)

If it feels like these Republican primary debates are happening all the time, that’s because they really are taking place quite frequently. The fifth Republican debate is tonight on CNN. But when is the next debate and where can you watch it? The debate stage is getting smaller and smaller, as more Republican candidates leave the race, realizing they don’t have much of a chance of winning. With each debate, we’re getting closer to finding out who will ultimately walk away with the primary nomination.

The sixth debate is about a month away and scheduled for Thursday, January 14 on the Fox Business Network. It will be held in North Charleston, South Carolina, just two days after President Obama’s State of the Union address. The debate will give Republicans a chance to have another showdown before the Iowa primary election, CNN reported. Fox News will host a seventh debate just four days before the Iowa caucuses on January 28.

It hasn’t yet been announced what time the sixth debate will take place, who will be attending, or who the moderators will be. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

To find out more about what each candidate’s chances are at getting the nomination, see this article:

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