Who Was Coughing & Sniffling During the GOP Debate?

One of the Republican candidates has a cold, but no one can figure out who it is. (Getty)

One of the Republican candidates has been coughing throughout the debate. (Getty)

The mystery of who kept coughing and sniffling during Tuesday night’s Republican debate in Las Vegas seems to have been solved.

Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign tells ABC News that he is battling through a nagging cough.

“We all caught something a month ago, and he, like me, keeps a bagging cough for weeks,” Doug Watts, Carson’s communications director told the network. “No, not sick, just working through this cough. Almost gone.”

Carson was briefly shown on TV coughing during a wide shot:

The coughing was a major distraction for viewers as it interrupted the candidates and the moderators dozens of times. People quickly turned to Twitter to try and solve the mystery:

Others have begged CNN to keep the volume of the coughing down:

And the local newspaper began keeping a count of the coughs, but lost track: