Ashley Olsen Photos: Pictures of American Killed in Italy

A 35-year-old American socialite was killed in Florence and authorities have no clue who is to blame. Although her 42-year-old boyfriend, Federico Fiorentini was taken into custody, he's said to have an alibi as the couple hadn't seen each other in the days leading up to her death.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Fiorentini said, "I loved Ashley and I want to find who killed her. They will have to pay for what they did." The newspaper goes on to say that on January 9 after not hearing from Olsen for a few days, Fiorentini convinced her landlord to let him into her apartment. There he found her dead. Reports in Italy said that cops were suspicious of grazing on his wrists. He said he got those injuries when he tried to move her body. Fiorentini said, "I thought I might still be able to help her." Olsen lived in one of Florence's trendier neighborhoods known as Santa Spirito but was a native of Summer Haven, Florida.

A police statement on Fiorentini said, "Her boyfriend has an alibi and is not at this point a suspect. We have interviewed approximately 10 people but we are in the very early stages of the investigation." CNN reports that despite Fiorentini's alibi, no one has been ruled out by investigators.

Here are the photos of Olson that you need to see: