Winter Storm Jonas: Videos of the Blizzard in New York

Winter Storm Jonas is hitting New York hard. Tides hit record levels even higher than Superstorm Sandy, with New Jersey and Delaware experiencing major flooding. Snow in New York reached its peak on Saturday and won’t be stopping until Sunday, Reuters reported. Up to 30 inches of snowfall may be recorded in New York City by Sunday, May Bill de Blasio said. The storm’s become even stronger than early predictions expected. The following video shows the snow coming down hard in New York:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency on Saturday, making New York the eleventh state to do so. But even beyond this, Cuomo also declared a downstate travel ban, shutting down all roads and subway services on Saturday, New York Daily News reported. New York City and state roads, plus bridges and tunnels, will be closed starting at 2:30 pm. Only emergency vehicles are allowed out. In addition, above-ground subway stations will close by 4 pm and Metro-North and Long Island Railroad service will stop at the same time.

However, not everyone in New York is quite so impressed. On Reddit, the following video from New York was shared with the headline: “This is NOT ‘State of Emergency’ weather. This is ‘go to Central Park and sled’ weather.”

Not everyone was prepared for the blizzard. In this video, you can see cars getting stuck on 6th Avenue:

Even the NYPD wasn’t prepared:

But snow plows were already hard at work:

Working a snow plow can be a hazardous job in these type of conditions. In Kentucky, a transportation worker died while plowing snowy highways, ABC News reported. That brings the total number of deaths so far from the blizzard up to 11, at least.

For more photos and videos of the blizzard, please see: