Bottle Breacher: 150,000 Sold Since ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance in 2014

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Navy SEAL Eli Crane and his wife Jen entered the Shark Tank in Season 6. Their company Bottle Breacher clinched a deal with two Sharks- Kevin and Mark- for their bottle openers made from recycled bullets.

Since the show, they’ve tripled their staff and doubled their production space. In the future, they plan on employing more veterans, getting into retailers, designing more apparel and even introducing BBQ tools.

Yesterday, the company was revisited on Beyond the Tank, so we caught up with the husband and wife team to get a glimpse into their tremendous growth. Here is what the duo told us about…

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Kevin & Mark’s Involvement

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Jen: Each investor helps in their own different way and we are grateful to have Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban on our side. Working with them both has been a priceless experience. Kevin is the forefront of promotion and driving sales, whereas Mark aids with our business development strategies as Bottle Breacher will enter big box stores very soon.

Sales of Their New Product- A Wine Opener

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Jen: The Wine Bottle Breacher has been a bestseller since its October release. It’s extremely unique in that it opens your beer and wine. For the households that can’t decide on the beverage of choice, the Wine Bottle Breacher does it all!

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Celebs Who Love Bottle Breachers

Eli: We’ve for sure had a few! Our biggest order of all time was when Bill Belichick (coach of the New England Patriots) ordered Breachers as Super Bowl gifts for the whole organization. We also made one for former President George W. Bush and he was so thankful he sent us an autographed letter.

Going ‘Beyond the Tank’

Eli: Shooting for Beyond the Tank for sure has been one of our favorite Shark Tank experiences. When you’re on the set of Shark Tank, America only sees a small glimpse of what Jen and I are about. We are hoping Beyond the Tank will introduce America to the family side of Bottle Breacher and the extreme amount of hard work it took us to get here and some of the major obstacles and uncertainties that go hand in hand with every many startups. You can see our blog here.

Advice for ‘Shark Tank’ Contestants

Jen: Know your numbers, have your pitch down perfect, be yourself, confident in who you are and what you have to offer. The last thing a Shark wants to see is you changing your game plan or unsure of where the business is going. Don’t be who you think they want because, in the end, you’re running your business, and if they don’t invest, you then know you have tried you’re best. Eli and I went in confident that we would get a deal and confident that if we didn’t, we would be fine.

Eli: It’s also very important to remember that 70 percent of something is worth more than 100 percent of nothing. Too many people get greedy in the Tank and end up blowing the whole thing.

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