Brooke Dooley Photos: Pictures of Slain Chesapeake Teen

Virginia teen Brooke Dooley was one of the six people killed during an horrific murder suicide on January 26. The incident unfolded in the town of Chesapeake. Police believe that she was killed by her brother Cameron Dooley, who later took his own life. He's also thought to have murdered Brooke's grandmother, Doris, father, Steven Todd, mother, Lori and other brother, Landon. The Dooley family members were all shot dead.

The Daily Press in Newport, Virigina, reports that officers tried for hours to negotiate with Dooley. A SWAT Team was also called to the scene. When cops eventually entered the house, they found the other family members dead. All of the victims in the attack were killed by Cameron Dooley.

Speaking to reporter Stefania Okolie, a neighbor said the Dooley family were wonderful. The home where the standoff took place was owned by a former pastor, Rev. Allen Dooley, who died in 2010. The family were a driving force behind the local Temple Baptist Church.

Here are the photos that celebrate the life of Brooke Dooley: