Cameron Dooley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chesapeake Murder Suicide

The house where the tragedy unfolded at the intersection of George Washington Highway and Wintergreen Drive in Chesapeake. (Screengrab via WTKR)

Police in Virginia say six members of the same family were killed in a murder suicide in Virginia. The horror unfolded across two locations in the town of Chesapeake on January 27. Chesapeake is a around 200 miles south of Washington D.C. Police were first called to perform a welfare check on the 2300 Wildwood Road in the town, there they found a dead body, Cameron Dooley’s brother, at 3:35 p.m. Soon after, those same officers were directed to a home two blocks away because of a barricaded person. The killer is believed to be Cameron Dooley, 26. He shot his family members dead before taking his own life.

His victims were his father Steven Todd, 50, mother Lori, 54, brother Landon, 22, sister Brooke, 17 and grandmother Doris Dooley.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cops Tried to Negotiate With Cameron for Hours Before They Entered the Home & Found 5 People Dead

The Daily Press in Newport, Virgina, reports that officers tried for hours to negotiate with Dooley. A SWAT Team was also called to the scene. When cops eventually entered the house, after 3 a.m. on January 27, they found the other family members dead. All of the victims in the attack were killed by Cameron Dooley.

2. Steven Dooley Was a Cop With the Chesapeake Police Department

Steven Dooley Chesapeake Police Department


According to his LinkedIn page, Steven Dooley was an officer with the Chesapeake Police Department. The Virginia Pilot reports that he had recently retired from the force and was working in a diving store. During his time with the police, Steven Dooley worked with the Marine Dive Unite, reports KVEC.

3. Neighbors Described the Dooleys as a ‘Wonderful Family’

Speaking to reporter Stefania Okolie, a neighbor said the Dooley family were wonderful. The home where the standoff took place was owned by a former pastor, Rev. Allen Dooley, who died in 2010. The family were a driving force behind the local Temple Baptist Church.

Rev. Dooley lived there with his wife, Doris. After his death, her grandson moved into that home to help out. That grandson would often be seen walking between the home where the standoff took place and the Wildwood Road home, reports the Pilot Online. The newspaper, quoting a neighbor, Desiree Darst, said that Doris Dooley was moving.

4. Brooke Dooley’s Friends Have Taken to Twitter to Mourn Their Friend

Brooke Dooley Funeral RIP Facebook page

Brooke Dooley pictured on her Facebook page.

On her Facebook page, Brooke Dooley, daughter of Lori and Steven, says she is a native of Deep Creek, Virginia, but lived in Chesapeake. Brooke Dooley’s profile shows her to be a cheerleader at her high school.

Steven Dooley Murder Suicide

Steven Dooley pictured with his daughter Brooke in November 2015. (Facebook)

Lori Dooley said in a Facebook posting that her daughter was due to turn 18 in February. Lori Dooley said Brooke was, “She is going to the science and medicine academy pursuing nursing.”

Meanwhile on Twitter, her friends have been mourning the teen. Here are some of the most touching tributes:

5. The House at 2301 Wildwood Road Is Owned by Steven & Lori Dooley

2301 Wildwood Road Murder Suicide

2301 Wildwood Road in Chesapeake, shown here, is valued at just under $200,000, according to Trulia.

The Virginian Pilot reports that the home at 2301 Wildwood Road in Chesapeake is owned by Steven and Lori Dooley. Meanwhile the home where the standoff ensued, at George Washington Highway and Wintergreen Drive, was owned by Doris and Allen Dooley.



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