Did a UFO Appear Over CERN?

UFO entering Interdimensional Portal (CGI)Geneva, Switzerland. Orb entering Interdimensional Portal in the sky. (CGI) Join the official Facebook page and talk about us : facebook.com/UFOatSection512015-12-07T16:20:29Z

The Internet is buzzing with rumors about a video that was allegedly recorded over CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, where the Large Hadron Collider is located. The video, shown above, was posted on YouTube and is titled “UFO entering Interdimensional Portal over Geneva SWITZERLAND.” The video was posted by the YouTube account called “Section 51.”

Despite the hype, most people believe the videos aren’t real and are, instead, complimenting the poster on their CGI skills. Section 51 had posted a similar video, purportedly of the same portal phenomenon over CERN, in September:

VideoVideo related to did a ufo appear over cern?2016-01-09T20:11:40-05:00

When the first video was posted, many people thought it was just a digitally manipulated thunderstorm.

According to Snopes, the videos are fake. “This is a fake video created by a YouTube channel that specializes in hoax videos,” Snopes explained. Section 51 posts new UFO sightings every Monday and Thursday, which seems a little prolific for genuine footage.

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