Ezpz on ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Owner

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Ezpz entered the Shark Tank on January 8 debuting its placemat and plate combo that suctions to your table. We interviewed Lindsey Laurain, the working mom of twin boys who invented the mess-free product. Here’s what she told us about…

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How The Idea Came About

Our life can be pretty chaotic, especially at mealtime, and my husband and I were fed up with the messiness and clean-up time dedicated to each meal. One night, in the midst of his frustration,my husband said, “Someone needs to create something kids can’t toss or throw at meals!” The next day I hopped online and, low and behold, nothing existed. From that day on, I was committed to creating products that made meals with kids ezpz – and that is how the Happy Mat came to be!

Positive Feedback From Parents

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The feedback from parents is one of my favorite parts of this journey, because it’s so darn positive! Usually we hear that our product is ‘genius’ or ‘a true game changer.’ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I wish this was around when my kids were little.” The best feedback, though, is when we hear from parents of kids with feeding challenges and/or special needs. The Happy Mat can help children with Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and low vision eat independently for the first time!

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Her ‘Tank’ Experience

We followed the standard process, which starts with submitting an audition video. At first we got a “no” and, a few months later, we heard that the “no” was a yes!” Of course I was nervous! There was a lot of waiting involved, which didn’t help with the nerves. And being on a big fancy set made it that much more exciting and nerve-wracking.

New Products & Future Plans

We will be launching the Mini Mat, which is designed for infant use and travel, in the next few weeks. We also have a Happy Mat Food art book, cup and more crafting mats in the works. In the short term, I want to revolutionize the feeding industry and continue building the Ezpz brand and our offerings. In the future, I hope to speak to, consult with and support other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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