Federico Fiorentini, Ashley Olsen’s Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Federico Fiorentini Artist Florence Facebook page

Fiorentini pictured on his Facebook page.

The boyfriend of slain American socialite Ashley Olsen has vowed to find her killer. The 35-year-old Olsen was found dead after an apparent strangling in the Italian city of Florence by her boyfriend Federico Fiorentini on January 9. She had last been seen partying at a seedy night club known as Montecarla on January 7. According to police, though he was initially held by investigators, Fiorentini has an alibi and had not seen Olsen in the days before her death.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Told an Italian Newspaper That Whoever Killed Olsen Will ‘Pay for What They Did’

In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Fiorentini said, “I loved Ashley and I want to find who killed her. They will have to pay for what they did.” The newspaper goes on to say that on January 9 after not hearing from Olsen for a few days, Fiorentini convinced her landlord to let him into her apartment. There he found her dead. Reports in Italy said that cops were suspicious of grazing on his wrists. He said he got those injuries when he tried to move her body. Fiorentini said, “I thought I might still be able to help her.” Olsen lived in one of Florence’s trendier neighborhoods known as Santa Spirito but was a native of Summer Haven, Florida.

A police statement on Fiorentini said, “Her boyfriend has an alibi and is not at this point a suspect. We have interviewed approximately 10 people but we are in the very early stages of the investigation.” CNN reports that despite Fiorentini’s alibi, no one has been ruled out by investigators.

2. As an Artist His Work has Been Shown in San Francisco, New York & Berlin

Federico Fiorentini Facebook page

The iconic Italian car the Fiat 500 is an integral part of Fiorentini’s work. (Facebook)

According to a piece on Fiorentini in La Nazione, he’s an accomplished artist with a studio close to where Olsen lived. That article notes that Fiorentini has shown his work in Berlin, New York and San Francisco. His last show opened in Florence recently. A common theme in his work is 1970s Italy, including the Fiat 500 car (above). He’s a native of Milan, previously lived in California and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

Federico Fiorentini, Ashley Olsen's Boyfriend


Police in Italy are looking at the above Instagram post that Olsen made in October 2015. She writes, “I have a #stalker.”

3. Numerous Photos on Olsen’s Instagram Page Show Them to Be a Very Happy Couple

Ashley Olsen Boyfriend Instagram page


The Daily Telegraph reports that Olsen and Fiorentini could often be seen walking her per beagle Scout around the neighborhood. Numerous photos on Olsen’s Instagram page show the couple to be happy together. However, two weeks before her death, Olsen posted this photo of a page from the book Eat, Pray, Love:

Ashley Olsen Eat Pray Love


The passage deals with a couple who want to acknowledge that they’re in a bad relationship but decide to stay together anyway.

4. Olsen’s Father Is an Art Professor in Florence

Olsen had moved to Florence to be closer to her professor father, Walter Olsen, reports the Daily Telegraph. The newspaper adds that on January 11, Prof. Olsen was seen outside of his late daughter’s apartment where he laid a wreath in her honor.

According to his profile on the website for the Bianca Cappello school, Prof. Walter Olsen-Lorenzo is a graduate of Jacksonville University, University of Florida and the Vicenza Institute of Architecture. He is considered a specialist in the discipline of water colors.

5. The Nightclub Where Olsen Partied on Her Last Night Has Been Shut Down for Drugs & Sex Assault Claims in the Past

Montecarla nightclub facebook page


The Montecarla nightclub in Florence is considered a seedy, drug den, according to a Daily Mail report. It’s owned by Serbian national Jovo Vukelic. He told the Daily Mail that he wasn’t there on the night Olsen was last seen while adding that the surveillance cameras at the front of the club are broken. The club’s Facebook page shows revelers dancing on tables or resting on the tiger print couches. In previous years, the club has been shut down after a woman made a complaint that she was molested in the bathrooms.




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