Grace and Lace Go ‘Beyond the Tank’: Interview With Owner

Grace and Lace, an accessory company with a feminine touch, got a deal with Barbara in Season 5 of Shark Tank. On Season 2’s Beyond the Tank, the follow-up show revisited the company to see how they’ve progressed. We interviewed owners Rick and Melissa Hinnant, who told us sales for 2015 were 6.5 million and in 2016, they plan to debut 75 new products. Here’s what else we learned about…

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Barbara’s Involvement

Barbara is as involved as we’d like her to be. She’s really the perfect partner and is readily available for anything we need her for. We love Barbara and her team.

How Faith in God Helped Grow the Company

I’d say our faith has helped with every single step. Without a question, we believe that God brought us this company out of the tragedy of losing our daughter Halle. It doesn’t erase the pain but it helps knowing we’re able to give back and make a difference…Prayer is a key component of the business and every big decision is prayed over heavily for direction. I tell everyone that we’re not the owners, God is. We’re simply the stewards that are doing out best to follow His lead. There’s so much more I could say on this subject. He is a good, good God that cares deeply and helps more than words could ever describe. I often speak about Psalm 37: 4 that says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart.” It’s true! We delight in Him and make Him our priority and He does His part…granting us the desires of our heart. It’s a beautiful promise and one we are living which makes for a mighty adventure every single day. Again, so much more we could share on this subject and I’d love to, but yes, our faith in God is the key to the entire company. So many stories where we can say, “Yep God showed up there and there and there…” I’ve tried to do life without Him before and let’s just say it wasn’t very fun and certainly wasn’t successful by any stretch.

Experience Going ‘Beyond the Tank’

We were honored to be chosen and it was a wonderful experience. It’s not an easy process and the filming days are very long, but when you get to work with great people it’s always worth it. The entire team at Beyond the Tank was absolutely fantastic to work with and felt like friends by the time we were finished with the filming.

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Future Plans

We still have so much to do and we’re still laying the foundation for what will be a worldwide brand that helps in changing the world for the better. We will be moving into our own warehouse this spring which is very exciting. We’re still hiring key positions to help with the continued growth and we’ve identified some key areas where we can get better that should take us to incredible heights. There’s also a ton to do to get our technology in a place that will allow for the creative plans we envision. The future is very bright at Grace and Lace and we’re extremely grateful and thankful for everything that’s happened. We’re also filled with great hope and expectation for the future!

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