How Late Can You Buy a Powerball Ticket?

when stop selling powerball

Most states stop selling tickets an hour before the drawing. The drawing is at 10:59 pm Eastern. (Getty)

Many people start thinking about buying a Powerball ticket the night of the drawing. But how close can you push picking up a ticket before it’s too late? The drawing will take place at 10:59 pm Eastern and all it takes is $2 to get a chance at millions. (Of course, technically, you won’t bring home as much as they actual jackpot. For example, for the $1.5 billion jackpot in January, if you choose the annual sum, you’d get an estimated $930 million, and that’s before taxes. But that’s nothing to turn your nose up at, that’s for sure!)

But how long do you really have to buy a Powerball ticket? How late can you wait to buy one?

Most states will shut down Powerball ticket sales an hour before the drawing. That means, you’ll have until 9:59 pm Eastern to buy your tickets since the drawing is at 10:59 pm Eastern. However, some states quit selling tickets even earlier than that. The sooner you can get there to get your ticket the better, especially in case you’re one of the unlucky people who has to wait in a long line:

And don’t forget — if you live in Georgia or Illinois, you may be able to buy your tickets online and skip the line altogether. Read this story for more information.

You can also visit your state’s lottery website to find out exactly when ticket sales will stop tonight. Tickets are only $2 each.