LaVoy & Jeanette Finicum Photos: Pictures of Cowboy Couple

Mormon rancher LaVoy Finicum was killed during the Oregon militia standoff on January 26. He's survived by his Jeanette. Finicum was 54 years old when he died. Together he and his wife maintained a ranch in northern Arizona. The ranch was staffed and managed by the couple's 11 foster children. They were kids the couple took in, troubled kids with criminal histories. During the standoff, Finicum complained that the state had taken away the children because of his high profile role with the militia.

Meanwhile on his wife, Jeanette's LinkedIn page, she lists foster care provider as her full time job.

On his official website, Finicum wrote: "As he has watched the ever increasing encroachment of government into the lives of the American people he has felt to make a stand for freedom. He has drawn a line in the sand and that line is the Constitution in its original intent. The Constitution of the United States of America is a charter to protect the freedom of man by putting strict limits on government. We are living in a day when that supreme law of the land has been shredded by the very government that took an oath to uphold it. By their actions the Federal Government has become lawless and stalks the liberties of this land under the guise of social justice. Shown below are LaVoy and Jeanette's 11 children. This is why freedom is so important!"

Since January 2, activists have been occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Those armed protesters, led in-part by Ammon Bundy, were protesting the sentence of Dwight and Steve Hammond. They were found guilty of committing arson on federal land.

His death was confirmed by Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore.

Here are the photos of LaVoy and Jeanette that you need to see:




RIP Lavoy Finicum. Prayers to his wife and kids. You once knew a great man. Many never get to meet a great man even once.

Jerome Asa Carpenter

Morman? Foster parents? Was there not an incident,years ago ,when the indigenous tribes of North America were being colonized,they (Mormans)came upon a wagon train,along the path of destruction of the native people living areas,occupied for tens of thousands of years …they killed and pilfered the hard tack and water of the other less capable “settlers” So here you are now,standing against the very governmental structure that afforded you the opportunity to thrust yourselves onto the land of the indigenous peoples…. Boo Hoo


With your logic every human on the planet should also be dead. What are you? An algorithm?


What an extremely stupid and nasty person you must be.. WTF doen indigenous tribes and the constitution have to do with a true american hero fighting for YOUR constitutional rights?