Nicole Madison Lovell Found Dead: Photos to Remember Slain Teen


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It’s not that she rebeled I think that there’s something more to it than her being a run away there has to be more to it on y she ran away I think drugs have somethi g to do with it but I don’t think she was doing the drugs I think it was in the house hold I think some one in the home done or said something to her and she ran away not caring that she needed the meds God rest her soul


Why would u even say something like that??? These parents or devastated and u want 2 blame the household!!!! This child was very loved and taken care of, she just trusted sum scumbag who pretended 2 b her friend…a 13 yr old girl is just trying 2 grow up, and was most likely just in awe that a guy that age would be interested in her. That pervert is the one 2 blame, not the family who is now hurting beyond belief, and most likely u don’t even know these people so how about keeping ur ignorance 2 itself!!!


Yes it is, I happen 2 know these people, and drugs have nothing 2 do with it at all!! To suggest that is so far out of line in so many way, if u can’t give words of comfort and maybe say a prayer 4 this family, then just don’t say anything, as for me…I am still praying for Nicole’s family, and I hope that people like Jay never has 2 go thru something like this and then endure cruel words like the ones that he spoke from strangers who know nothing about the situation, my heart goes out 2 Tammy and the rest of her family

honest opinion

If you are a parent it is your job to protect your child and monitor their social media, its the fault of both sides not just one. People want to sugar coat it for the greving family.


No it is not the fault of both sides. Do you realize how dumb that sounds. Okay a guy kills another person and somehow it is the fault of both sides? No I am sorry but the only person at fault is the piece of trash kid that committed this act. No death sentence is good enough for him. He needs to be tortured and kept alive and tortured some more and then finally put in a cage with a bear to end his pathetic life. I hope the girl that helped hide the body gets raped in prison.

Lisa murphy

I know this is an older post but I am confident that now that this “top athlete runner” is set for a life behind prison walls he will get to do a lot of running-from inmates that will indeed torture and sexually assault him regularly. Its common knowledge that child murderers/killers are the bottom feeders in prisons and are regular targets


I don’t know this family but my heart goes out to them along with my prayers. I do know teenage girls tho. And what this baby did was just natural. Teenagers are curious, loving and yes rebellious. She just made a horrible mistake in trusting the wrong person. Prayers to the family of and the two that did this.


That’s true A lot of evil people out here to do badly wa A lot of evil people out here to do badly harm to a innocent person


At 13 years old and already running away from home, it was just a matter of time before Nicole took the stairway to Heaven.


You must be out of your mind! You obviously don’t have children, much less a little girl! How dare you….and with NO regard for how her family feels…but then, what do you know about FEELINGS? What a disgusting thing to say and/or imply!


MAY GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL and I hope you never make any children!


Can’t ignore the role that the organ drugs may have played. Sure, she may have been kidnapped or detained by the perp, but she apparently climbed out her own window. When the events that transpired went long, she started having who-knows-what kind of medical trauma, and that may be what actually killed her. Not even sure it amounts to a kidnapping either. But we’ll know more after the Groundhog Day press conference.


I don’t think missing transplant medications makes someone end up being stabbed to death. She probably snuck out for the night to meet this guy thinking she’d be back in a few hours, not just run away otherwise she would’ve had her medicine.


She was stabbed. And, why is it “Takes one to know one” keeps ringing in my head when I read your “sounds like she was asking for it” type comments. Scary

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