No One Won #Powerball: The Tweets You Need to Read

WESTPORT, CT - JANUARY 09: A sign outside of a Connecticut gas station displays the current winnings in the Powerball lottery on January 9, 2016 in Westport, Connecticut.The $900 million jackpot will be drawn on Saturday evening, If no one wins on Saturday, the prize for the next drawing on Wednesday would reach $1.3 billion, officials announced. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Thanks to no one winning the #Powerball, it’s now going to be at over $1 billion on Wednesday. Here are the best reactions to the news on Twitter. (Getty)

No one won the Powerball, and Twitter is reacting like lightning. Some have grand plans for what they will do with the historic over $1 billion winnings. Others are smelling a conspiracy. But everyone’s reaction is pretty funny.

These are the tweets you need to read.


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When someone asks you if you’re going to buy some more #Powerball tickets this week.

— Aron (@withonea) January 10, 2016

Yeah of course why not you still arent convinced your a FREAKING LOSER do repeat the insane process of adding to anothers pocket book you stupid wretch!


Who cares are we really playing this crap anymore. I think they should concur cut it off and help rebuild the america these savages are trying to tear down corrupt and manipulate. But boy do i hope another 80 year old person wins or some irresponsible young hoarding couple who blows it all on qvc and doesnt read the fine print for there land yachts motorcycles and real estate. Wooo hooo!


If the tickets werent 20-30$ a piece to “choose your own numbers” i think i could have been done won atleast once. Lottery is a waist of time its obvious. Id rather break a toe than a 20$ playing this garbage.👍

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