Scrub Daddy, The Bestselling ‘Shark Tank’ Product in History, Goes ‘Beyond the Tank’: Interview With Owner

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Scrub Daddy entered the Shark Tank in Season 4 with a sponge you can custom cut that changes its texture with varying water temperatures. It is guaranteed to be scratch free and can be used on wood, plastic, copper, cast iron, fiberglass, stainless steel, vinyl, car exterior paint, non-stick coatings and glass.

Owner Aaron Krause’s deal with Lori went down in Shark Tank history since the Scrub Daddy went on to become the bestselling product from the show so far. In the three years since their on-air debut, they moved from a leased facility of 5,000 square feet to their own of 40,000 square feet. They now employ 50 people including nine in their executive office.

As the business is featured on the Season 2 premiere of Beyond the Tank, we spoke with Krause about his accomplishments. Here is what he told us about…

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Being the Most Successful ‘Tank’ Company So Far

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It’s an honor and very humbling to be given the accolade of the most successful Shark Tank product to date, but at the same time, it’s also very motivating as we know there are so many great items and entrepreneurs who have been on the show and will be featured in the future. So I wake up every day reinvigorated to make sure we hold that title by launching new products and opening new markets. Not just to keep the other great Shark Tank contestants from taking our trophy, but also to keep us competitive and growing in the market where the real competition in the sponge market is constantly trying to take a Shark-sized bite out of our business.

Going ‘Beyond the Tank’

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We were so excited to be asked to be featured on Beyond The Tank as this show really highlights the importance of the real work ahead once you appear on Shark Tank. Being able to give insight behind the scenes of what goes into creating, maintaining and growing your business has lessons for everyone. While it was a stressful three days running the business as usual all while trying to ignore the camera documenting our daily routine, it was also very exhilarating and I enjoyed giving a sneak peek into our world of Scrub Daddy for all our smiling fans.

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Lori’s Support

Lori has been so wonderful to work with from everything regarding her incredible expertise in all matters of QVC which she has over 18-year experience with and lots of clout, to product packaging and color pallets. Her eye for product detail and instinctive business acumen makes her the perfect partner for Scrub Daddy. She makes herself available to me anytime, anywhere which is unbelievable given her ludicrous schedule and the fact that she has over 20 plus new Shark Tank companies vying for her attention as well. Not to mention she is a total sweetheart and she and her wonderful husband have become one of my family’s closest friends. We enjoy dining with them on the town and also hosting them at family parties when they are in Philadelphia.

Their New Product-the Scrub Daisy

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Scrub Daisy is our revolutionary answer to boring soap dispensing dish wands. This new and beautiful wand is in the shape of a flower that sits in a vase at your sink. It incorporates the same unique and now famous Scrub Daddy material as found in our original product line, but is married as well to our newest innovative sponge material trademarked ResoFoam. This is a soft, absorbent, and suds generating material which is also scratch free and is always soft. The wand features interchangeable quick connect accessory heads which are different flower shapes and each one serves its own specialized scrubbing purpose. One is for pots and pans, one is for mugs and cups, and one is for tight neck bottles like water and baby bottles. The product is so pretty that everyone will want to have this cheerful piece of functional artwork on their sinks!

Plans for the Future

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A photo posted by Aaron Krause (@thescrubdaddy) on Feb 16, 2015 at 7:25pm PST

Mark Cuban went out on the show saying “You’re just a one product company though, right?” My response was immediate. “Not for long, we’ve got Scrub Mommy, Scrub Baby for doing baby bottles; you don’t understand who you are dealing with!” Well, I meant it, and since Shark Tank, we have launched, Lemon Scented Scrub Daddys, four new colors, a totally new sponge line called Sponge Daddy and a line of jumbo blocks called Big Daddy. This year we will be launching our answer to the popular Eraser sponges with our Eraser Daddy which combines Scrub Daddy material with a more durable eraser type foam in many colors. We will follow that up with the launch of our Scrub Mommy, a combination of our new ResoFoam material married to Scrub Daddy FlexTexture in the now iconic and famous smile face design. Later in the year, we will launch the above described Scrub Daisy and finish out the year with a revolutionary mop called Mop Daddy. We plan to grow this company into a worldwide recognized brand of fun and innovative cleaning products that you will want to use and will make you smile when cleaning. We don’t see any reason to slow down and the only limit to our expansion is our imaginations which trust me, we have lots of.

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